There are 180 days in which RWE can legaly cut the Hambach forest. In the period from 1 October to 31 March is likely that many trees are cut down, because under the forest is the the lignite, that RWE wants to turn into profit. 180 days, in which we want to prevent the clearing of woodland and the forest occupation will be threatened with eviction. To disrupt effectively, we must be a lot of people – and have lots of ideas. That is why we need your support!
We are looking for groups, that express their willingness to come together for a certain time in the woods with us to prevent the clearing work.

What are the requirements for groups that want to take over one day take of disrupting the cutting?

A group may be either a spontaneous association of people or a fixed set of names and common background. To sucsessfully prevent that trees are cut, there should be about 10 people there per day. If you are five or less people so we’ll try to win another group for the same day.
For us it is very important that a commitment is absolutely firm. If a group wants to come for just one day, it means to be there for at least 36 hours, to have enough time for the preparation and review of action so it makes sense to stay for several days at a stretch.
Please consider your journey to here when planning:)

What exactly can a group do locally?

A group that wants to take over for a period of time preventing or disrupting the clearing work should aim to protect the forest. The chosen form of action may be direct, creative or symbolic.
Whether tree occupations, demonstrations, theater performance, or anything else that you can think of – through different forms of protest, the resistance is varied and colorful!
A group should think in advance what they can imagine to do in the woods. Locally, there will be a short briefing on the current situation and also, if desired, action recommendations.
It would be very good if you also participated in the night watch:)

What you can expect as a group?

You will get an introduction, a tour through the forest and information about the Rhenish lignite mining area. If you want you can combine your stay in the forest with an information session about what you are doing at the moment.
A supply of food and warm sleeping spaces, including warm water bottles for those who want, it will be provided.

How do you register yourself for a period?

If you can imagine, to be come to the forest for a period of time to perform actions against the clearing, then write us a mail to: hambacherforst@nullriseup.net
After consultation, we take you into the calendar, which can be seen under hambacherforst.blogsport.de.

Let’s make the clearing impossible!

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