Hambach Forest occupied again

Since the climat- and reclaim the fields camp in germany, the Hambach Forest ist occupied again, by climat activist. There are activists living at plattformsin the trees since more than 2 weeks. The Hambach Forest is one of the oldest forest in middle europe, but already more than 4/5 of it is destroyed for open cast mining. The open cast mining in the Rheinland (between Colonge and Aachen) is the biggest climat killer in all Europe. The forest gets destroyed year by year, so that RWE the coal company (wich is the mother company of N-Power) can open cast the land. Also big villages getting destroyed for the open cast mining. Last year the forest was occupied by climat activist, the wohle spring and summer, and got evicted in automne. The eviction was the longest eviction that happened in germany, because of the tunnel system (the only god system is a tunnel system!). After the eviction activists squatted a meadow next to the Hambach Forest, wich is still occupied. In the end of august the climat- and RTF Camp took place close to the Hambach Forest. With over 500 Participants it was the biggest climat camp since 5 years in germany. More than 200 people blocked the Hambach coal-rail for half an day. In the end of the climat- andd RTF-Camp activists occupied the Hambach Forest again. Now it is occupied since more than 2 weeks. Police was there on monday to inspect the plattforms and blockading-tools, and was not realy happy. In looks like the eviction might come the next days. But maybe they want to wait after the big elections in germany this sunday. So there might still be time to come over! See you in the forest.

Here’s a video about the occupation:http://vimeo.com/74042113

and about the coal trail blockade: http://vimeo.com/73938171

and a video about the RTF-action: http://vimeo.com/73514620

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