We are currently installing a Hambi mail newsletter.

What we want it to be used for:

  • Every 1-3 months it will contain a brief summary about the following topics:
    • What was going on the last time in the forest?
    • What’s coming up?
    • For which plans do we need which help?
    • Interesting update about the lignite resistance
  • Unscheduled mails are strictly reserved for acute larger emergencies, such as major police operations on the meadow or evictions of several tree houses.

What it should NOT be used for:

  • discussions
  • spam
  • internal issues

Do you want to receive this newsletter? Write an empty mail to and then follow the instructions in the mail that you’ll receive.
Don’t worry. You can end your list subscription at any time.

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Climate Camp in the Rhineland, August 19-29

Also this year 2016 there will be a Climate Camp in the Rhineland, August 19-29. Like last year, at the same place there will be a Degrowth Summer School, August 19-23. Thereafter the Action Lab, August 24-29 is a guest at the Climate Camp. This year’s theme of the Climate Camp and Degrowth Summer School is “Skills for System Change”. Almost every event and discussion will be translated in several languages.
The videos below show the camp of 2015. The second one is with English subtitles.

More information on the Climate Camp 2016

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Pictures of the “Nest”


Every month, the forestry pedagogue Michael Zobel invites for a walk trough the forest, in order to show how wonderful, how unique and how endangered the Hambach Forest is.
The following pictures were send with his invitation for the walk on Sunday 7/10/2016. They show the tree house called “Nest”.
These guided visits are in German, but if you send a mail to, we will try to arrange a translation for you.

Next dates: August 21th, September 18th …

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