Lovely revolting people!

While RWE is scanning for compost toilets, the bourgeois media is gasping for air because of some broken police-car windows and we squat the HAMBACH FOREST again!

TODAY is the 26th of April 2014, like announced there’s going to be a demonstration and the public RE-OCCUPATION of the FOREST.


Maybe there’s also gonna be all sorts of bigger and/or smaller actions as well, we stay open for surprises 😉

We anticipate a rad and tantalizing day for sure: something is going to happen and we feel very exhilarated about that!

Besides general infos, texts and pictures we are going to launch a ticker on our blogs so each and everyone can be up-to-date: (German) (English) (Castellano)

If someone wants to reach us on the phone, contact the following number:

(+49) (0)157-541.361.00

For principles of completeness some paroles:

Hambach Forest stays!
RWE fuck off and die!
Work, Capital, Nation, Shit!
Vive la resistance!
A las barricadas!

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