Again concert at prison Colongne

On Monday 12/19 at 6:00 pm is again a concert in front of the walls of JVA Cologne Ossendorf (Rektor-Klein-Str, line 5). A bunch of Street musicians are playing amplified music and there is also open stage which you can fill with your ideas.
Come around, enjoy the music and send greetings to the prisoners.
Bring everything with you for making noise!

At the same time a Benefit-bar for the imprissoned Thunfisch happens at LC 36.
After the concert writing café for prisoners at LC 36.

Against all cages & prisons – Freedom for all prisoners!

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Declaration of action: Blockade of the hambach railway, 12.12.16

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“After the recent, massiv attacs by RWE and the police against the anti-brown-coal-resistance in the hambach forest we are now again going on to the offensive.

This night we blockaded the hambach railway. [Ticker:]

The last weeks were characterized by police operations with eviction tanks and water guns to protect the clearing works in the occupied hambach forest. At the same time there have been massiv repressions against activists and supporters.

The operations reached its peak with the arrest of Siao, Hodei and Maya. The three are now in the women´s prison in Köln- Ossendorf. In the media it has been given the impression that some of our as „violent“ declared forms of actions are the problem.

The media forgets in that case that RWE constantly goes on with the destruction of our planet.

The problem is not the activism but the brown coal, which is deeply connected with our capitalistic system. With our blockade of the connection between the coal mine and the power plant we want to show RWE that we aren´t paralyzed and that we transform our sorrow over our compas in prison into anger and action!

Freedom for Maya, Siao, Hodei!

The problem is the brown coal!

Show your solidarity with the prisoners, write letters & do actions.

More informations:”

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TICKER: Blockade of the hambach railway

The hambach train is standing still!


1:09 Three Persons blockaded the hambachrailway in both directions. One of them is locked oin directly under the stopped hambach train.

1:30 police is on their way

1:35 the cops reached the activists

2:00 the connection to the activists is lost, probably the police took the phone away

5:13 Policeinformation (dont trust the Police): „The Policeaction goes on, if the people are arrested they goes to Aachen“ (but now they are in the Lock On)

11:30 Please support the People! Come to the Policestation in Aachen! Its very important that they see some nice People after the sometimes dramatic experiences with Policeviolence !

13:15 The Action has been very successfull. The Police said that the train was blocked until 10am.

16:00 UPDATE: they will face a magistrate tomorrow (13.12.2016) in Düren.
They are until tomorrow in custody.

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