TICKER: Blockade of the hambach railway

The hambach train is standing still!


1:09 Three Persons blockaded the hambachrailway in both directions. One of them is locked oin directly under the stopped hambach train.

1:30 police is on their way

1:35 the cops reached the activists

2:00 the connection to the activists is lost, probably the police took the phone away

5:13 Policeinformation (dont trust the Police): „The Policeaction goes on, if the people are arrested they goes to Aachen“ (but now they are in the Lock On)

11:30 Please support the People! Come to the Policestation in Aachen! Its very important that they see some nice People after the sometimes dramatic experiences with Policeviolence !

13:15 The Action has been very successfull. The Police said that the train was blocked until 10am.

16:00 UPDATE: they will face a magistrate tomorrow (13.12.2016) in Düren.
They are until tomorrow in custody.

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