comment January 21

We are “reassured” that police finally no longer want stand idly by when security guards beat up activists, break their noses and hit out their teeth and eventually almost kill them with a jeep (with the consequence that no security guards, but the concerned activists end up in prison). But why is the person who was almost killed, still without medical care in jail? Why fly helicopters at eye level with the tree houses or stand for hours in 10 m. height above the meadow (and why throw the passengers of the helicopter stones)? What can “massive information campaigns and intensive investigative work” mean, if not even the identity of the concerned security guards can be found?
The so-called rule of law is obviously blind in one eye. But it hits so much the harder in the other way, at every opportunity. If this spiral of violence continues that way, it will eventually lead to casualties. And everyone knows already that they would have to be deplored among the activists, not among the security forces.

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