comment January 21

We are “reassured” that police finally no longer want stand idly by when security guards beat up activists, break their noses and hit out their teeth and eventually almost kill them with a jeep (with the consequence that no security guards, but the concerned activists end up in prison). But why is the person who was almost killed, still without medical care in jail? Why fly helicopters at eye level with the tree houses or stand for hours in 10 m. height above the meadow (and why throw the passengers of the helicopter stones)? What can “massive information campaigns and intensive investigative work” mean, if not even the identity of the concerned security guards can be found?
The so-called rule of law is obviously blind in one eye. But it hits so much the harder in the other way, at every opportunity. If this spiral of violence continues that way, it will eventually lead to casualties. And everyone knows already that they would have to be deplored among the activists, not among the security forces.

Is it worth it?
But how so much violence comes into play?

Is it the activists, who are increasingly accused of property damage and personal injury? Or is it the security guards who know that they (so far at least) are not prosecuted for what they do, what ever it might be?

There is an immense hole, which is increasing every day by one meter to the south. In three years, this is one kilometre. For this hole EVERYTHING is destroyed, which previously was living, growing and prospering there. Irretrievably. Forever. Trees are cut, animals die or are losing their habitat, a millennia-old beautiful habitat disappears forever. That is irreplaceable. And then there still is the completely senseless damage to the regional and global environment. Nothing can justify this.

Then the violence comes into play. Of course, as long as it is going on, there will be no peace in the Hambach Forest. If they would criminalize all activists and lock them up, make all the supporters keep their mouths, perhaps they might be able to destroy as before quietly (“democratically legitimized and approved”). Peace still was not there.

The principle of “eye for an eye” means in the Hambach Forest: If you throw shit at us, we will break your noses. If you throw stones, we will kill you with a car (or we at least try so). On the one hand there are complaints of broken windows and equipment, on the other entire regions that are destroyed. Who benefits?

Today, nearly 270 people took part in our forest walk. Families with young children, many dogs, visitors of all ages and social affiliations. Have they not read the press reports on the violent criminal people in the forest?
Maybe they were there to get their own impression.
Thanks for that!

Many people will continue to keep a close eye on what is happening in the forest, what happens to people and nature there. And even the press reports not only what RWE (along with police, courts and politics) dictates to them.
Thanks for that!

What next?
One English expression for saying goodbye is “Take care!”
Take good care of yourselves!

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  1. Nöll

    The strategy of RWE and its vassals seems to be quite clear: provocation, provocation! And if the activists don’t react as they want, then they still can invent these reactions. They lie towards the press, but also to their own people, in order to create the “right” mood for actions to come.
    This way, media, police, security guards, everybody (?) believes what they tell and they will be glad when one day (soon?) the meadow will be evicted. But even if they lie anyway, I hope you will not help them by giving them an excuse for cleaning up the meadow.

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