Press releases January 21, 2016

Second press release from the occupants in the Hambach Forest

(First press release below)
+++Deliberately struck and injured person is in custody+++

The activist, who was struck yesterday by a security guard of RWE and then arrested, likely will have to stay now for three to four weeks in pre-trial detention in the prison of Aachen.
Apparently he had no medical care so far. His state of health, however, according to circumstances, is stable.
Throughout the day, supporters have been waiting in front of the court.
The activist will be glad to receive letters
Activist #2
Krefelder Straße 251
D-52070 Aachen

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First press release

+++one more forest area deforested!+++Escalation between security and occupiers+++activists hit by a jeep, beaten and deported+++

Early in the morning, workers of the energy group RWE, cleared another area of the occupied Hambach Forest under the protection of private, poorly paid security forces. Approximately at 2:00 pm, there was a confrontation with activists of the coal resistance. Both from their side, as well as from the side of the security guards flew stones.
This escalated even further, as a security guard struck deliberately three occupiers with his jeep. A severely injured was no longer able to bring himself to safety and was then beaten up by the guards, loaded onto the loading space of the vehicle and abducted. He was later handed over to the police. At the hospital the doctor refused to sign a confidentiality statement and thus to treat anonymously. Without medical treatment, the injured was brought back to the police station. He suffers from severe back pain and is currently still in custody.

Another person, detained during an arbitrary car control has later been released.

For many years there is in the Rhenish lignite mining region an increasingly active resistance to the massive mining of coal and its generation to electricity. The repression against the opponents of coal has increased more and more. For instance, since the autumn of 2014, a total of eight people were detained.

“For the next week, which has been announced by the occupiers as an action week, an increasingly worsening of the conflict around the coal mining in the Rhineland is beginning to loom ever larger,” a staggered activist said. “As before, many will not be intimidated by these attacks. It will go on!”

Watch this video of the jeep attack

Press contact: +49 157 3113 1110

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