Garden Tools for Climate Camp

Soon it’s time, in a few weeks (August 23) the camps in the rhine area will begin. Many people, many colourful workshops, but not enough tools for all the nice things we are planning to do. From pails to big water barrels, hammers, nails, building wood, pickaxes or wheelbarrows, everything is needed!

Take your unused or old tools directly to the camp or to the occupation on the meadow near Morschenich. Below you’ll find a list of tools we need most. It doesn’t matter if parts are damaged or they’re not on the list, we have a use for everything!

Bring it over and support the climate movement in the rhine brown coal area!

Tools we need (among others):

Water Barrels

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Police in Hambach Forest, evicting shower and ropes

On the 12th of July at around noon police removed the shower of the meadow squatters, and two ropes which were put up between trees. Later a concert took place at the spot where the shower used to be.

Armed with heavy equipment the police joined forces with RWE security personnel to accomplish this honorable mission. A bulldozer was used o remove the shower and the walls around it. The ropes, which were put up for practise purposes were removed using a cherrypicker.

“Once again the Düren Police has been played for fools by RWE, they used them to carry out this embarrasing action” says Helene Marck of the meadow occupation, adding: “Considering that the chief of Düren Police, Mr. Spehltahn, is also on the board of directors of RWE, this behaviour is no reason for wonder.”

Around 60 people were attending the acoustic concert of US-based “Blackbird Raum”, which took place on the very spot of the police action, sending a strong message to the organs of repression.

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