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Are you a journalist, blogger, or someone else who wants to write about Hambach Forest in any other form? Then you’re at the right place!


We are in principle open to most press requests as long as you follow some simple rules.
If you’d like to visit us, please call us in advance: +49 163 1425943

Code of Conduct

  1. Please contact us before you arrive. This saves us all potential misunderstandings.
  2. Photographing or filming is only permitted with prior notice and with the consensus of those present. Take special care to avoid faces or any distinctive clothing pazterns. If you want to photograph or film the tree houses, the same rules apply.
  3. Let us have a copy of your article, film, documentation, podcast, etc. on an external device (CD, DVD or USB stick). Our internet speed is too slow to stream or download multimedia (audio, video, etc.).