Poison in Hambach Forst & Morschenich?!

Poisoned meat (with razer blades inside) & 3 dead buzzards have been found by activists near the Hambacher Forst occupation site in the last few weeks.
The poised meat was found on the roadside on the outskirts of Morschenich along a route popular with dog walkers.
The 3 dead buzzards were all found within 100 meters of hunters cabins. One of the buzzards still had meat in its claw suggesting a very quick death, probably by poisoning as there were no visible signs of injury to the bird.
A “TopSec” (Top Security Services) T shirt was found within 10 meter of one of the corpses together with evidences of recent forestry activity.
As yet we have no idea who is doing this but we are keeping a close watch on the area as there has been suspicions activities leitly. Approximately 11 gunshots were heard in close proximity to the camp on the eve of May Day & a large silver 4×4 vehicle (license plate n* BM LJ 500)
has been prowling th area.
Anyone with any informations can contact us on 015737345865 or email: hambacherforst(ät)riseup.net

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