There is now a Save the Forest – Protect the Climate camp in the village of Manheim (which is to be demolished within the next few years). You can arrive and settle here, find a sleeping spot and something to eat, and connect with other individuals to help prevent the destruction of the forest.

Directions & Contact

The camp is located in Manheim, about 40 minutes’ walk from S-Bahnhof Buir (suburban train station). In Manheim you can follow the signs. The camp is located behind the sports ground. For info phone +49 1778707912.

Diverse and family-friendly: come to our camp!

The camp is a colourful place for forming and expressing opinions. The participants are demonstrating against the open-cast coal mine and the destruction of Hambach Forest.

There are workshops here “for body and mind” from the morning to late in the evening. Lectures on climate change and politics, the personal energy transition and debates on lignite mining in the Rhineland (and elsewhere) are also held, along with workshops for discussions with activists and experts. There is a place on the programme for tai chi and yoga, and there is a painting tent in the middle of the orchard meadow where a local artist also offers an exciting programme for children. A white grand piano beside the kitchen tent invites participants to treat us to some music: it was brought to us by a pianist from Cologne who also enjoys giving short piano lessons.

The camp is registered with the police as an ongoing public gathering over many days. It has a kitchen with running water. There are solar showers, compost toilets and solar energy.

Skillshare Camp

The autumn skillshare will take place from September 22nd till October 3rd at the camp. As you may have realised, our current situation is pretty chaotic. Among other problems, the police often refuse to let anyone enter the forest or the meadow. Everybody is welcome, whether or not you have a tent (although it is more practical if you do). We organize everything we do with donations. So it does not matter if you have no money – on the contrary: we provide water and food. Of course we also welcome families with children. If you have any questions or want to offer a workshop yourself, contact us at

We say no to racism, sexism, transhostility (or cissexism) and any other forms of discrimination and inappropriate behaviour!