Naked action and criticism at the climate camp

We just received the text below. The action is still going on. All we know is, that this is the β version of the press release. It is written in English. As soon as we know more, we will publish it here.
Update 1: The action has been terminated.
Update 2: About the action: one person chained themself to an RWE pumping station. It was the fenced pumping station at the entrance to the parking of the climate camp. Staging and dramatization seem to have succeeded, about the form and content can be argued, of course.

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The First Newsletter

Hello, this is the first newsletter from the Hambach Forest.
It is exceptionally published at the blog, so you can decide if you want to subscribe to future newsletters. It is a bit more extensive, because it covers a longer period than originally planned. We hope you will enjoy reading. Feedback, suggestions & questions? Bring them on!
Translation is in progress.

Cordially, the newsletter group


  1. What happened this spring / summer
  2. Repressions
  3. What is planned in the near future
  4. Schedule Plan
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