Call for reoccupation on a massive scale in case of an eviction of Hambach Forest

This is not only a call for help with the reoccupation after the eviction, but also a warning to RWE and the police: if you evict us, it will not at all be the end. The resistance will continue and the forest occupation will araise again!
The Hambach Forest is occupied, because the big business concern RWE wants to clear and bulldoze it away. It wants to use the coal which lies underneath the forest to generate electricity and make money. The forest is occupied to draw attention to the consequences of lignite mining, to hinder the destruction of the forest in a direct way and to make it as hard and expensive as possible for RWE.
Day X is the day of the eviction of the forest occupation. As there is no set date up to now and the police will probably not do us the pleasure to tell us the day before, day X will supposedly be a surprise. And for this moment it is good to have a plan. Actions like spontaneous demonstrations in many cities, solidarity banners at various places, well-prepared flyers which can be handed out etc. are possible; and whatever else you can think about!
If you are planning an action which should be announced beforehand, it is best if you tell us in time, so we can publish time and date on our blog. (in this way more people can hear about the action and participate.)
Once the eviction starts, you can read about it on our blog or you might be notified via SMS. You can read more about how to be informed on our blog.
Day X+ is the day on which the Hambach forest will be reoccupied on a massive scale – starting with a big demonstration in Buir. Day X+ will be the on the saturday, 4 weeks after the eviction.
To reoccupy the forest as effectively as possible, it would be of great help if there are people prepared for this day all over. This could include e.g the storage of platforms for treehouses, huts for ground construction or materials for their construction such as wood, plastic covers, nails, tools etc.
On day X+ there will be a meeting point which will in time be communicated. So be sure to be in contact with some squatters.
For more information check out this web site!
Day X is not at all a day, where resistance against RWE and the f**ing capitalistic system will be weakened. On the contrary: After day X it will be continued with even more power and energy!