EVICTION in „progress“

The Hambach Forest Occupation is EVICTED right now!
This is where it is going to start!

Several hundred police arrived this morning, surrounding and shutting down the forest occupation from the eyes of anyone who would like to witness what is actually going on.

Infrastructure, Treehouses, trees, hedges, all getting torn apart piece by piece.
Everything is destroyed by loud, obnoxious machinery orchestrated by megalomaniacs, operated by ignorant people who in the end have nothing to claim for themselves but clinging on to their job.
People getting dragged away, getting brutalized, getting violated.

After the raid just a couple of days ago this is the next step in the game,
a game in which we are ahead indeed!

April 26, 2014 is the RE-OCCUPATION,
from the 12th of April on there is the SKILL-SHARING-CAMP which most probably is gonna provide us with more skills than originally anticipated…

This is not the end, it is a beginning,
let’s make it happen.

Capitalism is the crisis and the struggle against RWE and for the Hambach Forest is part of a big anticapitalist fight.
Whoever is interested, whoever remotely thinks about the Hambach Forest once in a while –
if possible, come by.

Find our open arms and hearts, rise up, join the protest, build resistance, spark revolt –

…or do whatever destruction or creation you see fit elsewhere!
Love & Solidarity,

your non-members of the infamous festive Brigade
“Laug­hing Black Block Ham­bach Fo­rest”

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