Solidarity T-Shirts for the Hambach Forest!


From now on these t-shirts are available in the online shop Silent Cries Distro. The money goes to the forest!

Silent Cries Distro is a political solidarity distribution system that always donates all revenues to initiatives, groups, projects, campaigns, etc..

Many thanks to the people of Silent Cries Distro and all those who buy the T-Shirt (even though of course that will not chance the world 😉

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Call to all concerned parties

We received the following email:

A peaceful New Year and no further escalation in the Hambach Forest! – Call to all concerned parties

Dear readers,

We wish you and your loved ones a pleasant start of the new year.

Due to the growing number of voices assuming a massive deforestation of the the Hambach Forst at the beginning of this year, we hereby take the liberty of pronouncing an explicit warning.

If it should actually happen that the Hambach Forest south of the former A4 motorway should be deforested and that pumping stations to lower the groundwater table should be built, we would like to point out that these measures will lead to an escalation between the environmentalists and security personnel.

We therefore ask both the responsible politicians in North Rhine-Westphalia and local authorities, the police executives and the media representatives, to inquire at RWE Power AG as to when, how and where the measures will be taken and to ensure that the activists will not be endangered by the behaviour of private security forces.

We are very willing to communicate to you further information regarding the growing protest movement throughout the coal mining area, the mobilisation in the Hambach Forest and the machinations of authorities and energy business in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Ticker: Clearing of the Pizza Platform?

January 4th, 2016
03:00 pm In the morning 3 secus with dog were spotted at the platform. They quickly made some photos and disappeared immediately. Currently everything is quiet in the forest.
On the western secu-bridge already felled trees are cleared away, in the morning the barricades were cleared on the former highway A4.
11:35 am Our scouts report, that police forces and heavy equipment were moved away again. Pizza is still standing. Maybe it was after all just a barricade eviction. It is not excluded that the announced lifting platform after all was only an excavator.
11:13 am The police is with a lifting platform in the forest near the Pizza Platform. Presumably, the platform is to be cleared.
Come over. Online we’ll keep you informed as well.

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Unrest in the forest

January 3th, 2016 In the forest the presence of RWE security personnel is increasing.

6:40 pm All are outside, but the banner “Coal exit is handmade” has been “borrowed” by Team Green. The glasses of one person have not been given back.
6:06 pm The first arrested person comes out.
5:20 pm Forest scouts report about arrests on the bridge. Details as soon as known. For questions on arrested persons please call directly our Friends and Helpers: 02421 949-0.

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