Another coal train blockade on the Hambachbahn

“If you break our noses, we will stop your trains!”

This morning at about half past 5, tere have again been activists of the anti-browncoal-movement stopping a train on the Hambachbahn. The Hambachbahn is transporting brown coal from the open cast mine Hambach to the power plants around. The action has been done as a direct response to the violent arrest of two companions. One of them had his nose broken.
During the action, both people chained themselves near or on the stopped coal train to the rails. The train traffic on the Hambachbahn was stopped for at least 3 1/2 hours. The action has most likely already been stopped by the police. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the police station our companions have been brought to.
We will update you as soon as possible.

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Again activists from the Hambach forest in prison

Since the 23rd of October 2015 two of our compas are imprisoned being accused of assault. At the 22. of October 2015 the annual cutting works in the Hambach forest began.
An autonomous group of two people being on their way in the forest did not return.
Only the next morning we got the information that the missing persons are in custody.
One of them was said to be in Hürth, the police didn’t give any information about the other saying the person rejected a lawyer.
During the day we got the news that both people were brought before the committing magistrate. Their physical condition remained unknown to us.
In the evening we were informed that both persons were in detention on the accusation of attacking RWE workers. One of them got his nose broken while being arrested.

Since 1947 RWE destroyed nature in the Rhineland, resettles whole villages and steals the living space of humans and animals to get one of the most dirty and inefficient energy carriers: brown coal.
A living forest is killed for a dying energy sources of our time.
Of former 5000 ha of forest only 600 ha remain and this year 68 more will be cut down.
To resist against this practice the forest occupation in the Hambach forest existed since 2012 having been complemented with a meadow occupation in 2013.

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militant actions against cutting2 arrests

23.10. 2 persons are going to meet the prison judge.
22.10. Between 11 and 12am two persons were arrested.

Aktionen gegen Einzäunung des Rodungsbereiches

From linksunten (infos in english at the bottom)
more pictures on facebook

In the last days, several clashes happened in the Hambach Forest, who is endangered by clearcut. The events reached ended in the arrest of two comrades and the following reactions by activists yesterday.

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Mister Blue


Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen.

The result of this treatment a sprain wrist hematomas and read eyes. Police rejected treatment.
Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen

On October 7th a conveyor belt at the open cast lignite mine Hambach has been blocked. One activist has been released from custody, another is still beeing held. On 8th the prison judge came on a visit to prove the imprisonment for infite time.The person has been injured in a way that she/he left the conveyor belt “voluntarily” preventing an eviction. Just one compa, Jus, has been released and they catch another. Amazing!
The result of the treatment: a sprait rist hematomas and read eyes. Mister Blue was abused by RWE private security personal, Police refused medical treatment.
The latest information we have got from the lawyer. The person got arrested very brutally. He got beaten up by security aswell as by police. (more)

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