Call for solidarity actionsFree The T(h)ree!

Call for solidarity rally in front of the JVA (jail) Ossendorf in Cologne and international solidarity actions

With the arrest of two other Hambacher Forst activists, the wave of repression against the actives of the anti lignite movement reached a sad climax.

“Mr. Blue”, who refused to specify his personal data when he was arrested (he does so until today), already is in custody since October 7th. He was arrested when he blocked one of the main coal conveyors of the open pit Hambach and thus interrupted the coal production. Mr. Blue is not allowed to see the prison doctor since the beginning of his detention.
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Florian and another activist, whose name has not been released, were arrested on 22 October in the Hambach Forest under mysterious circumstances by RWE security guards and handed over to the police. With a broken nose and knocked out teeth, also these two were not allowed to see a doctor.
The prisoners are now on not foreseeable time in custody.

These are unacceptable conditions to which we want to draw attention!

We invite all groups and individuals, to participate on Friday, Nov. 6th 2015 from 4:00 pm in the protest demonstration in front of the prison in Cologne Ossendorf.
In addition, we call on all people, who identify with our struggle against the lignite giant RWE, for solidarity actions. Organise actions in your cities – prisons, a building of RWE and other energy companies, German embassies… there are plenty of action targets!

It is not “only” to protect one of Europe’s oldest forests. Lignite is the most inefficient energy sources, as well as the largest CO2 producer in Europe. The global warming, which is massively boosted by it, is driving for a long time thousands of people to flee their homes.

This struggle concerns all of us! Not only those who are injured by corporate and state power, mistreated and put behind bars. Of this we must not be intimidated! Inform yourself and others, come to the demonstration and organize your own actions.

Free the T(h)ree!

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