Skill Sharing Camp 2016

Skill Sharing Camp 2016For almost exactly 4 years, the Hambach Forest in the Rhenish lignite mining area near Cologne is occupied. This is a signal to stop the voracious excavators of the lignite industry and therefore a signal for a better climate AND a system change. For direct resistance, people are needed with diverse skills and creative ideas in order to be one step ahead before the power of repression.
That is why we invite everyone for the Skill Sharing Camp from March 25 to April 3, 2016 in order to teach, learn and try out skills together during 10 days.

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V in custody!

Update Febr. 3:
The current situation is that V will remain in Aachen until tomorrow and then will be moved from there to Brunswick or Wolfenbüttel. There he will have to stay until February 10. On February 12, he will have a date of review of the remand order (His detention will be examined once more).
He is specifically accused of having not appeared in October to a process for fraudulently obtaining benefits (travelling without buying a ticket).

Febr. 2:
The day before yesterday, a comrade from the environment of the campaign against animal factories was arrested by the police during an identity check in the Hambach Forest and is now in custody. The allegation is fraudulently obtaining of benefits.

He is currently being held in prison in Aachen and moved the earliest on Wednesday into the prison of Brunswick.

As soon as we have more relevant information, we will inform you.

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