Sunday Forest Walk, Hambach Forest Tradition

Good day everybody,

It’s that time again next Sunday. Forest walk in the Hambacher Forst. Again, hundreds of people will be out and about in the springtime forest and get an idea of ​​why this diminishing forest is still absolutely worthy of protection and why the destruction of this habitat must be stopped immediately.

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Red line against coal, March 18, 2018

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 11:30 next to the Hambach Forest

We have something to CELEBRATE!!

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Forest Walk This Sunday

A monthly Forest Walk with Michael Zobel will take place this Sunday. Its another chance to see many of the occupied barrios, talk to and listen to some of the Hambach Forest activists. Take advantage of coming to bring any additional supplies for the occupation that you might no longer need.

What makes this walk different is that there will be more press. New York Times and National Geographic will be present.

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442 Walk in the Forest this Sunday

The monthly walk in the Hambach Forest has not only grown exponentially in size over last couple of years it has also became a cultural and political phenomena reflecting general support for Hambi Forest Activist and phasing out dirty coal as an energy source. For many in the Hambi it is great to have several hundred people show up in the forest who are not cops and who instead of supporting Toxic RWE and arresting us, instead bring us food, warm clothing and offer their general warm support. Even in this cold weather so many came bringing the total of people who have attended the forest walk to close to 12 thousand. This time with the youngest visitor being 4 months old, the oldes 81 and the people who came from furtherest being visitors from Colombia and Peru.

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