Bat Experts Visit the Forest

This week several bat experts from BUNDIS (German Friends of the Earth) visited the forest discussed and shared information on bat behaviour and their population pressures in the shrinking forest. The group that has evicted tha bats and mice by blocking their habitats has refused to engage  us in this discussion reregardless of many requests and calls to discuss and explain their animal evictions in front of the harvesters by setting up a bogus claim that now there is no endangered bats in the forest about to be cut.  This group is not only sponsored and paid by RWE but it was also discovered during this visit that their claims that they are affiliated and aproved by BUND were misrepresentation and were untrue.

The walk with infra-red camera looked at and for evidence of plastic covered holes being reopened by animals, fluid and smell comig from the opening indicating that animals were closed in inside.  As a result of all the above evidence being  found across the forest as many closed openings as possible were re-opened.


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NRW Parliament: Pro-Hambi Demo Outside, Inside Bullsh*t

Today before noon North Rhine Westphalian Parliament conducted a debate concerning Hambi.  During which 30 plus activists stood outside chanting, dancing to stay warm to a mobile soundsystem and fliered those passing and bicycling by.  The atmosphere  was festive and jovial while inside for  over an hour AFD, SDP and FDP attempted to delegitimize and criminalize not just those in the Forest but also the  supporters standing outside.  AFD used the word criminal almost in every sentence. This is reflective of left parties leaving the parliament and the discussion shifting to the right with all centrist parties playing catchup.  This is the atmosphere in which hate literature such as the flier below

was circulated on the floor of the parliament…

In the process all main rulling parties become not just complicit in millions of global deaths(as conservatively estimated by the freaking World Health Organization) due to particulates and climate change but also responsible for  fueling the pro-RWE and Coal Propaganda, criminalization of activism and for future waves of deforestation, CO2 dumping and repression to ensue in Hambacher Forest, Mine and the region in general.

Until  the system that is based on profiteering and state violence is changed no positive decission can come from capitalist institutions whichcon will only continue to protect RWE’s profits and maintain the veneer of the spectacle of “democratic”(most of germans are for coal exit –  rulling coalition pro-RWE) process.

So take advantage of this break to pack your back-pack and supplies and organize an affinity group in your area to resist RWE, evictions and Global Exploitation!

Hambi Bleibt & F*ck RWE!

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Solidarity with Bure Struggle under repression

Last week our Comrades in Bure France who are resisting against a planned radiation storage facility by Andra were raided by aproximately 80 gandarmes who broke through the doors of House of Resistance. The pigs who also closed off the surrounding roads and broke windows of the cars and vans parked in the vicinity have seized the usuall loot of weapons of mass communications in the forms of computers and phones. They were able to compromise the encrypted drives and are now thretening charges to the people who can be linked to the electronic content. This is yet another example of how the state engages in ever increasing sureilance and repression dinamic that is so crucial to functioning of the viscious loop of exctractionism and disaster capitalism. Facing such massive resources used not for addressing social and ecological issues but for imposing the state of planetary ecological disintergration it is that which is being targeted and destroyed that becomes our biggest and most powerfull weapon. That is the communities we form and which are aready part off, solidarity, mutual support and song and rhytm.

Comrades at Bure, You are not alone in your fight, remember that Hambi zone of occupation is also your home where you can share your songs and music of the resistance and even at the distance you are still connected with and inspire many struggles worldwide such as the anticoal struggle in Hambacher Forest.


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Skillshares Camp in Progress

This year’s Fall Skillshare Camp has been filled with numerous workshops on the diverse subjects ranging from anarcho feminist theory and practice to multiple direct action skills and strategies. Like always it has offered all those resisting capitalist exploitation of the planet and numerous communities a chance to come together and connect, share and ispire each other.

Yesterday for example concluded with a spoken word session dealing with topics from alienation and resistance to musical concert with many of the works being about the Hambacher Forest struggle itself.

Additional 3 days of the Skillshare camp remain so pack a backpack and hit your closest highway on-ramp and put a thumb up in the direction of Hambi…now or during the whole cutting season as the occupation with its constant climbing workshops and sharing of knowlege could be considered one extended skillshare camp.

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