Soli Actions and Demonstrations

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14:30 Essen, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Mahnwache

14:00 – 16:00, Dresden, Prager Straße: Solidemo HambiBleibt

17:00 – 19:30 Demo von Buir Bahnhof zum Wald

17:00 Hambi Solifest und Konzert in Düren an der Christuskirche hinter dem Stadtcenter

18:00 Kassel, Königsplatz: HambiBleibt Asamblea am Obelisken, Infos, Empörung, Wut und Mut kanalisieren

18:00 Stuttgart, Schlossplatz: Solidemo Hambacher Forst und Kohlausstieg

18:00 Hambi Bleibt! Demo in Frankfurt, Kaisersack, ab 19:00 Mahnwache mit Aktionen am Willy-Brandt-Platz.

18:00 Cottbus, Altmarkt am Brunnen: Mahnwache

15. September

13:00 Köln/Buir Aktion Unterholz (Treffpunkt zur Anreise 13 Uhr Hbf Köln)

14:00 Osnabrück, Theodor-Heuss-Platz: Endcoal Demonstration in Solidarität mit dem Hambacher Forst

15:00 Pödelwitz bei Leipzig, Kirche: Pödelwitz und HambiBleibt Soliaktion

20:00 Backnang bei Stuttgart, Mühlstraße 3, Juze: Solikonzert

16. September

11:30 Hambacher Forst: Wald statt Kohle, Waldspaziergang

12:00 Hambacher Forst: Aktion AufBäumen gegen Kohle

15:00 Freiburg, Platz der alten Synagoge: Demo für den Erhalt des Hambacher Forstes

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Open letter to the employees of RWE and to the union IGBCE

This letter was also distributed to trade unionists, see Action Marximal Confusion

Dear trade unionists, dear employees of RWE,

I write to you as an activist from the Hambach Forest. I know there were almost always bad words between us in the past. But we wonder if it must be like that.

After all, you’re just scared not to be able to care for you and your families if you should lose your job. That’s more than understandable. And we want our children and grandchildren to have a livable planet as well. This may be understandable for you.

Actually, like us, you’re scared of RWE. We, because they are going to destroy our homes and our future. You, because they may no longer give you what you need to live. We could have a common opponent. Actually, it has always been the role of a trade union, to represent the interests of employees in relation to their company? And let’s be honest, we all know what will happen in the next few years. Sooner or later, RWE will exit from the lignite and collect millions of compensations and severance payments. You as a simple employee will not see anything like that. And you can be sure that no one on the management level will get into any existential problems.

So start doing what a union should do. Demand to be involved in the severance payments, to continue to be paid after the coal exit, even if your workforce is no longer needed (because, honestly, who likes working above all?). Increase the weight of your demands with strikes or sabotage. After all, the 40-hour week and the weekend were not won because the unions sucked up to the companies.

Maybe you can just come and visit us and talk over a tea, beer or juice about how we can help each others to keep your and our livelihoods? Maybe we can ally against the corporation that attacks us and sweats you? And if not, can we at least try to understand our mutual fears and reduce personal enmity, even when we afterwards are back on different sides?

And maybe we realize that we both want the same world? A world where you even have a right to a good life if you can not or do not want to sell your labor right now?

I do not want you to be our enemy. Our enemies are named RWE and capitalism. And you are suffering from them just like us.

But if you come to destroy our homes we will fight back. Not out of hatred for you. But out of necessity. I’m sure you understand that. I’m sure if someone came to your house, ripped off your house and threatened your family, then you would defend yourself with all means available. And if someone tries to destroy my home and threatens my (chosen) family, I will also resort to any means to resist to it. I hope that this does not lead to troubles between us.

Optimistic greetings, an activist

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Press conference, 09/06/2018

Invitation to the common press conference, to the beginning of the tree felling, today at 3 pm
Kerpen-Buir, September 06th, 2018. This morning RWE started felling trees in the Hambach Forest. In the early hours of the morning a large crowd of police entered the forest, at half past ten the first tree was felled. Thus, the RWE Group and the police, commanded by the NRW state government, create irrevocable facts even before the official cutting period. With the so called Day X, a nationwide mass mobilization begins today. Thousands of people will engage for the conservation of the forest during the days to come with demonstrations, sitting blocks and forest walks.

The local initiative Buirer für Buir, activists of the occupation in the Hambach Forest, Ende Gelände and the Aktion Unterholz invite today to a joint press conference. It will take place at 3:00 pm in the Protestant Gemeindehaus (parish hall), Bahnstraße 42 in 50170 Kerpen-Buir. Then we drive together to the Hambach Forest, where we are available for interviews.

Today’s clearing work again sharpen the conflict over the Hambach Forest. The Federal Environment Ministry, the unions of police (GdP) and services (Ver.di), local residents and environmentalists demanded in recent weeks a coal moratorium and a deforesting stop. The Berlin coal commission threatens to fail, several members announced in the event of cuttings their exit from the panel. Nevertheless Mr. Reul, Minister of the Interior, ordered on behalf of the state government a large-scale police campaign, in order to enforce tree felling for RWE.

On Sunday, September 9, the initiative Buirer for Buir is calling for a demonstration in connection with a walk in the forest.
The occupiers of the forest are preparing to prevent the evacuation of over 60 tree houses during several weeks.
Ende Gelände announces blockades of coal infrastructure at the Hambach opencast mine on October 06 and October 25-29.
Aktion Unterholz will stop the destruction of the forest from tomorrow, Friday, 07-09-2018, with civil disobedience.

Representatives of the broad spectrum of protests comment on today’s developments as follows: “The escalation of the conflict by RWE represents a deep cut in our quality of life for the village of Buir. In addition to the forest and our neighboring villages, we also lose our peace. The Hambach Forest, for us a symbol of a future-oriented society, now threatens to become a memorial to the destruction of our future. We feel left alone by those responsible in the federal and state governments – forgotten,” says Andreas Büttgen of the local initiative Buirers for Buir.

“We defend the forest against RWE and Minister of the Interior Reul. In the trees we fight for climate justice and against capitalism. It will not be easy to get out of the forest,” says activist Momo of the occupations in the Hambach Forest.

“With the evictions and the felling, RWE clearly transgresses a red line for the climate. It is a scandal that the state government protects this way corporate profits and not the climate. We call for the carbon phase out, as an immediate measure of global climate justice,” said Karolina Drzewo, press officer of the alliance Ende Gelände.

“The destruction of the Hambach Forest is intolerable. We will therefore prevent the eviction and clearance of police and RWE from tomorrow on with actions of mass civil disobedience. By this form of action, we take our future into our own hands”, says Anna Schönberg of Aktion Unterholz.

For background discussions, interviews or any questions, we are always happy to help.

Buirer für Buir: Andreas Büttgen, +49 173 5146141,
Waldbesetzung: Momo,
Ende Gelände: Karolina Drzewo, +49 152 04560800,,
Aktion Unterholz: Anna Schönberg, +49 1775944678,,

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