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New (with the addresses of the prisoners):
Anarchist Black Cross Rhineland

News, the last ones on top

Nov. 23th
Occupation on the Cologne Cathedral
10:00 The people who were arrested in Düren yesterday, now are all free again. They were detained for dumpster diving (!) for almost 24 hours!

8:00 Since this morning there is a new occupation in the grubbing-up area, which is called “Polar Express”.

Nov. 22th

13:00 Since noon today 3 persons are detained at the police station of Düren. They were arrested in Düren, the exact circumstances are still unclear.

Nov. 20th/21th 5 persons arrested! No recognizable reasons

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Cologne Cathedral Occupation – Ticker

The police did not get any fingerprints from the cathedral action group. So also not their identities.

Video of the police operation (at min. 3:10 you can see the flyer that has been handed out to the people on the ground)

News, last ones first

Tue, Nov. 24th

05:25 pm All the people are free, exept for the T(h)ree!

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Resolute actions in cologne in solidarity with the T(h)ree!

+++ Cologne Cathedral Occupation evicted yesterday evening +++ No information about the tree occupation out of the prison +++ 6-8 Activists still in police custody +++ Solidarity-Manifestation in front of police station Cologne Kalk +++


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Call for donations

The meadow uses bicycles, which were donated by supporters. Defective wheels are repaired here and are then available to the general public. As you can read here, we lost yesterday four of these for us very important bikes. If you should have old but still usable bicycles that you can imagine you could donate us, it would be cool if you could drop them off in our camp. Thanks a lot!

Other things that we can make good use of, would be:

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