Action Map of the Wood

Dear supporters, interested and fellow combatants,

This is a map for you, on which you can better follow what is going on here. And of course to enable you to get active yourself.

1-4 Westside 1. Miketown 3. Beechtown/Blutbuchingen 5. Der Norden 6. Deathpop (also known as Lollytrap) 7. Jesus point 8. Gallien 9. Oaktown 10. Fuchur (FLIT-Space) 11. T-Town 12. Jungle 13. Meadow 14. Former motorway exit / picket / parking Manheimer Bürge 15. Secu Point (base of the RWE guards) 16, 17. Acces to Miketown 18. Acces to Wiese/Meadow 19. Acces to small gravel plant 20. Acces from Buir 21. Acces from Manheim 22. Motorway bridge at the S-Bahn station of Buir

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