The demolition of the Immerath Cathedral on 01/08/2018


Immerath is one of the villages that have to disappear in favour of the extracting of lignite. The church is called the Dom (cathedral), because of its size.

The Citizens’ Initiative A Dom for Immer(ath) invites to a vigil and a political prayer on Jan. 7th. There was an open planning meeting on January 3.

And now a mail on this topic, that was sent to us:

Hello everybody,

on a sad current occasion this mail at the beginning of the year.

On Monday, the 8th of January, the destruction of the Immerath Dom will start. St. Lambertus will be razed to the ground on behalf of RWE.

Everything has to give way to the lignite – villages, churches, forests, people and animals.

We will use the extermination of the Immerath Dom to set an impressive signal again. No other village, no other church, no other forest may be destroyed for lignite.

Ein Dom für Immer(ath)
(A cathedral for Immerath. Immer = always)

On Sunday, January 7, there will be a vigil in Immerath from 12 o’clock. At 1 o’clock pm, various initiatives invite to a political prayer.

One day before, Saturday, January 6th, Epiphany. From 1:00 o’clock we will celebrate this day at St. Lambertus. The kings at the cathedral. A registered vigil at St. Lambertus. With as many people as possible. We will set up tables and benches, eat, drink, talk, sing, be silent, play music, draw red lines… of course, as with the biblical Magi, culinary gifts of all kinds are welcome.

All people who together with us want to put a quick end to the aberration (irRWEg) of RWE, are invited to use the Epiphany weekend. Let’s we show to the world what is happening on our doorstep, let’s show the images, the true face of RWE, destructive, brutal, unvarnished…

To tune in a moving song by Gerd Schinkel from Cologne, with sad pictures of the “Dom”:

Of course we will continue with the Sunday walks in the Hambacher Wald in 2018. Nearly 11,000 people participated in the last three and a half years, an incredible success!

Deforesting stop until October 2018! Never before we were so close to the goal of being able to save the little remnant of the once so proud forest. Many people contributed to this, the guided tours are a small component on the way to the big goal…

Sunday, January 14th, 45 months forest walk…

Changed starting time: 11:30 a.m.

Attention: The meeting / starting point can change, of course we will inform you at short notice

Registration and more information at +49 171 8508321 or via e-mail

That’s it for today, there is much to do…

I wish us all a happy start to the new year,

thanks for the manifold support,

with kindest regards,

Michael Zobel

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    Woe unto thee, Germany, woe unto thee.

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