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The last few days have shown that if we refuse to be put off as a movement, we have to be many, we must stand together and not give in our resistance, even though we have to reckon with repression through our actions. 9 people were deprived of their liberty for putting their bodies in the way of machines responsible for destroying our planet. So we have to make sure that those who are unwilling to tolerate such conditions show that they are outraged and make their voices heard.

First of all, however, the question arises who we really want to hit with our resistance? Our protest is directed against all repressive structures such as jails, police or courts that protect the interests of large corporations and thus support a system that places human life behind economic interests. And that is why the actions should continue to be directed against RWE and lignite mining, because the exploitation of humans, animals and nature, which is accompanied by the destructive approach of such companies, means repression, by which we here in Germany are not as directly affected as humans in the global south. But we need creative ideas for action in order to take care that, out of anger, our activism will not fall into meaningless actionism and we will continue to act strategically and in harmony. And at this point we are needed all of us. In the list below, we collected some proposals for actions that you can easily and conveniently perform on the solidarity action day on February 3th in the city of your choice. Have fun trying and getting creative yourself.

Possible actions:

  • Demos, vigils, peaceful sitting blocks. For example, what about a blockade breakfast / lunch / dinner in front of a jail in your neighborhood, or another place where you think too much shit happens. Become creative, you can eat anywhere.
  • Climbing actions. In Germany there are only a very limited number of climbing cops. Would be a shame if we could not exhaust them, wouldn’t it.
  • Red line against repression.
  • Actions in front of jails. Make a lot of noise, music, or provide other auditory entertainment for the locked away people. Also fireworks are well received we are told…
  • Disrupt RWE infrastructure.
  • Chalk and paint actions at large, public places and at RWE locations.
  • Support of prisoners/ letters/ Visit the prisoners/ Call the jail quails and annoy them! Unfortunately, no one is being admitted to the nine Hambis at the moment (although there is no legal justification for that) Let us change that!
  • Soli concerts or political events.
  • Multiply. tweet, share, email around.
  • Paint banners. “All Cops Are Braunkohle” or “Wir sagen Nein zu Repressionen. Free Hambi9”. We are sure: you can think of even more colorful banner slogans.
  • Be present on 02/02/2018, when the fate of the Hambi9 is negotiated (For further info please go to the ABC-Blog).

In order to support you in the choice of location for your action, we linked the map of RWE locations in Germany.

If you are looking for more inspiration, what you can do in these or other places just have a look into the Direct Action Manual.

If you do not yet know where to join a broad protest in your city, here is a list of the Ende Gelände local groups, as well as a list with Hambi support groups.

In our events calendar you can insert planned events and see when and where an event is taking place.

If you have any questions or new ideas that could help us to organize ourselves and you even better, please send an e-mail to freehambi9@nullriseup.net.

Of course, the most important thing remains you yourself and your diverse ideas.

What are your strengths? Become creative, whether street theater, clowning or a well-placed cake at the right moment (and into the right face) everything is greatly appreciated here!

Warning: For peaceful blockade actions, there is currently a high risk of imprisonment. Nevertheless, our health committee does not advise against such or similar actions, but in any case recommends that nothing should be scheduled for the next 3-6 months.

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