Raids and arrests in Bure (F)

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, the fight against the CIGEO project was hit by a wave of house searches. At 7 o’clock in the morning, the Resistance House in Bure was searched. At the moment (when the German version of this article was published), the searches are still in progress.

  • 8 apartments and collective houses were searched simultaneously.
  • In all these places, the reasons for the raids were not or hardly mentioned.
  • A court order was not presented in many cases.
  • According to a press release from AFP (Agence France Presse, French press agency), which quotes a statement from Prosecutor Glady, the searches are linked to “three cases of 2017”. Last September raids took already place under the same pretext.
  • So far, at least eight people are in custody after they were targeted for arrest.
  • An extraordinary search procedure was carried out against a lawyer to facilitate his detention.
  • The police operation continues and it is to be feared that this balance will continue to deteriorate.
  • We want to make clear that today’s events are the culmination of a week of intensified repression.
  • In particular, the police have targeted our opportunities to meet and generally the everyday life in this area. During this week, there was an even higher presence of the military police in and around the villages of Mandres-en-Barrois and Bure, as has been the case since the forest occupation was cleared. This includes car checks and searches and an increased number of identity checks. For this purpose, more and more people were brought to the surrounding police stations.
  • On the day of the demonstration and the weekend of June 16/17 2018, 19 people were arrested or remanded. In connection with the demonstration on Monday were sentenced to 3 people hard judgments, currently two of them are serving a custodial sentence.
  • There is a permanent danger of being taken into custody, the used means are massive: hundreds of cops of the military police (gendarmerie mobile), horse teams, drone, aircraft, cameras of any kind  
  • This huge operation of state power is aimed at deterring us, but we remain determined in our fight against the CIGEO project, against ANDRA and a world that produces such a thing. We call to gather at 6 pm today in France and everywhere in front of the police headquarters, embassies and consulates to show solidarity with our struggle and especially with those who are currently in custody or in prison.

Some international owls watching the situation.

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