Solidarity against Repression!

In the course of militarized assault on the meadow on August 28, an activist from the forest was taken down off the kitchen roof after updating the outside on the situation in the meadow and arrested He was taken to the police HQ in Aachen, where he was identified. It was found that there is still an outstanding fines for previous accusations resulting out of actions in the Hambach Forest. The police therefore threatened with a sentence of 150 days jail. The daily rates were advanced by a solidarity private person who is no financial standing to cover the costs long term. As fines are an attempt to drain financial resources of the movement please help us gather funds to at least partially repay this sum. We ask you to carry together this penalty of 1500 € (10 € x 150 days) ! Please participate in this donation call. No JUStice – no peace!

The fines of 700 stood from the Defense of Rémi’s Tower(Commemorating Rémi Fraisse killed by a concussion grenade protecting pristine valley in Southern France) in 2015. In that blockading action trying to push the tower bulldozer resulted in the earth mover sustaining a broken window and the operator claiming that he twisted his neck when the window broke. Yes he did not as much as see a doctor and yet instead of vandalism an attempted assault charge resulted with already 3 months in jail with a 23 day “Fuck You Pigs” hunger strike… We were denied a second appeal after serious inconsistencies with police testimony surfaced in the first appeal after imprisonment, which took down the charges to “attempted assault” as the planet continues to be plundered raped and its species and indigenous peoples murdered by among many RWE as well…

Second charge with contorted capitalist justice was a charge of vandalism, for street art operation of leaving a big Hambi Fist/Tree on a wall of a Cologe Prison after cops released 4 of us defending the Bonner Strasse trees being cut for a megaproject. Cops assaulted 2 people while undressing, one male one female bodied, and stole 170 of our donation money. Little reminder of actual People’s Justice and Solidarity was more than appropriate in that case :)…

Solidarity Is both our strength and also weakness so don’t let the bastards let you down, isolate, and atomize the struggle!!

Account:                 Spenden und Aktionen
Reference (important!):  Hambacher Forst – Jus
IBAN:                    DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06
BIC:                     VB­MH­DE5FXXX

And do not forget the prisoners!
Write letters to UP III (Samantha), who was sentenced to nine months without parole after a barricade eviction in February. Let us show that our solidarity goes beyond the prison walls!
All further information about UP III:


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