List of demands from autonomous activists in the Hambi

The occupation here is strong and diverse, and although we have different perspectives, ideologies and tactics, we (an autonomous group of activists in the forest occupation) have chosen to give a list of demands. These demands are directed towards the fossil-fuel fuckers of RWE and the CO2rrupt government of Northrhine-Westphalia.

1. An immediate end to the eviction of the Hambach Forest occupation, and all other autonomous zones.
2. An immediate end to the destruction of the unique ecosystems in the 12,000 Hambach Forest.
3. An immediate end to the destruction of villages, landscapes and agricultural lands around the RWE owned Rheinland open-pit lignite mines.
4. An immediate end to the extraction of lignite coal.
5. An immediate end to the capitalist exploitation in Germany and worldwide.
6. An immediate end to the environmental racism of fossil-fueled colonialism.

We are fully aware, that these demands will not be fulfilled, as the parties involved (RWE, NRW, and the ruling-class worldwide) have no interest in abolishing techno-industrial capitalism. Nonetheless, we will not only fight for what is “possible” or “realistic”, we we will fight for what is “radical”, “utopic” and “just”!

No more compromises, climate justice NOW!

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  1. Tori Muddlepark

    I love you all and I follow what’s happening with solidarity and also I’m learning things to do here in Australia with groups who also value our forests and animals <3 <3 <3

  2. Helena Boskovic

    I love you all, too, and wish you every success. To protect a forest is one of the highest spiritual acts. Thank you. Writing from NYC.

  3. Behnosh Najafi

    Thank you for protecting ancient forests. We need movements like this now more than ever.

  4. Janet Weil

    Thank you. Deep bow of gratitude and respect.

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