News Ticker – September 1-13

September 13

19:05 8 people in Aachen in the Gesa (detention center). The eviction of Hamagier in the north almost completed. 3 trucks with lights en route in the forest. Police are trying to circle people at DeathPop. Educational announcements from the police receive a noisy response from the demo.
18:54 Apparently, the police and RWE are trying to put their machines in the forest in safety.
18:40 Vans in Lorien retire. The demonstration is prevented from advancing next to the Collas gravel pit by the police with the help of dogs and horses.
18:20 Also in other places, groups have managed to enter the forest because the police had to dissolve their lines.
18:18 A rather large group of activists emerge in the northern part of the forest (near North). RWE and police react with restless nervousness, machines are put in security.
17:55 The demonstration of more than 1000 people has arrived at the meadow and more and more people cross the police lines and run into the forest.
17:40 Expulsion of Hamagir (Norden).
17:20 The path to Oaktown has been widened to 5 meters between Goblin and Mona.
17:15 In the north, the eviction of the first tree house is being prepared.
17:14 Demo arrived at the vigil. About 1000 participants.
17:11 Another tripod was cleared. It is not clear which one, but probably “Norden”
16:53 “Wir sind hier, wir sind laut, weil man uns den Hambi klaut.” (We are here, we are loud, because they steal our Hambi) the protesters call and start marching from #Buir towards #HambacherForst.
16:42 In Oaktown, an aisle is being cut as an access road for the machines. One tree after another falls, the earth trembles. Tracked vehicle in the north. The seem to consider to cut there an aisle too. Deathtrap and Lollypop expelled, Deathtrap is being demolished.
15:56 Ordnungsamt (office for public order) just came by for a flying visit in Oaktown, but withdrew without further promulgation. The police stay. RWE marks trees to cut a road to Oaktown.
15:45 After more than an hour, the person from the treetop was brought away.
15:40 At the vigil, 10 police vans entered the forest.
15:38 Two people have been evicted from hammocks in the North.
14:52 A person locked themselves in the top of a tree. Cops are looking for ways to get them out. Lifting platform, a hundred of cops and a drone are apparently not enough.
14:30 Press conference begins.
14:25 Police is demolishing tree house in the North bit by bit. Piece after piece falls to the ground.
14:02 Riding cops are at the Meadow camp
13:52 The cutting of trees was false information!
13:46 Cherry pickers at the entrance to Lorien
13:35 Police, now with horses
13:30 Two people from the spontaneous demonstration taken by police.
13:25 The tripod has been destroyed.
13:00 Currently people are trying to enter the forest, over the fields, police running behind.
12:47 In the north, the eviction-order is being read out loud, while the first trees today are being cut, outside the cutting season.
12:30 The spontaneous demonstration from the Mahnwache (vigil) stands at the crossroads by the Secu road.
12:20 People from the fascist party AfD were briefly in Oaktown, but ran away shortly after.
11:53 Cherry picker at the tripod.
11:50 Monopod has been evicted. Activist climbed to another tree.
11:23 A brave activist keeps the tripod occupied. The tree-cutting platform is dangerously close.
11:03 One person arrested.
10:45 Police violence against a demonstrator, protesting the eviction.
10:40 The person over the tripod is now not secured. Mattress has been put on the ground.
10:28 SEK (German SWAT) at Deathtrap and Lollipod. Eviction of the tripod and the monopod comes soon.
10:14 Oaktown is calm, and full of journalists.
10:02 People being dragged out of the forest.
9:58 Cherry pickers on the way to the tripod.
9:49 Press is being told to move aside. Sitting blockade being told to leave, but remains sitting.
9:35 The situation is tense. Climbing teams are getting ready.
9:26 Behind the wall at Miketown is 6 police-vans.In the Westside and at the gravel pit it is still calm.
9:15 Police are telling activists to “voluntarily” leave two tree houses (Death-trap and Lollipop)
9:12 Civil people are forming human chains at the forest entrance at Deathtrap. Eviction of the first tripod begins.
8:56 Bulldozer enters the first to evict the first barricade
8:48 Police slowly encircling a tripod and a monopod
8:44 Residents of the cabins announce loudly and repeatedly that they have lodged an objection to the eviction order.
8:40 Cops enter the forest
8:11 20 mores vans, black jeeps, ambulances and police-transporters at the area
7:52 In Buir the water cannon is being filled
7:30 Two Harvesters and a technical unit at the area
7:04 Water cannon going in direction of Manheim (little village, do not confound with the city of Mannheim)
6:55 The vigil is being built
6:00 More than a dozen police cars at the street
5:00 Every now and then trucks pass by
01:00 Attention: We have reliable information that there could be an eviction this morning of September 13th.

September 10th

10:00 #CO2ps declare: “There will be no tree house or Meadow camp evictions”. Since roads are barricaded and blocked by tripods, they must deal with them first.
Just before 10:00 All quiet in the forest so far, with press strolling around, sounds of people laughing & playing guitar as 20 #co2ps vans are at Collas gravel and there is info that they want to enter the forest around 10

September 9th

21:00 According to an information, RWE and police plan for tomorrow at 5:00 am a big action to clear all tree houses.
Evening Forty people busted through police blockades around #HambacherForst bringing the needed replacement for confiscated climbing gear. Approx 7 people were detained by the #CO2ps, most of the goods however got through. During this action people blocked the CO2ps vans with their bodies.
Afternoon There have never been so many people in the forest at the same time. While the largest protest walk ever made its way through the forest (about 800 people), hundreds had also followed the call of Aktion Unterholz for a weekend of resistance. As the police withheld (fewer controls, no known outbreaks of violence), the mass action of civil disobedience has become a rebuilding weekend. Thank you all for this strong sign of your solidarity!
The fears of the NRW state government, that here could develop a wave of protests with dimensions such as in the anti-nuclear protests in Wendland, are becoming more realistic every day 🙂

8. September

The Rheinische Post (RP) publishes an article in which it reports on alleged tunnel discoveries in the Hambach Forest. Many German media write this nonsense in detail, some with in the end the small hint that the Aachen police are not aware of it. More on this: (not yet translated)

September 7th

17:48 Security guards throw a bottle to the vigil out of a moving car.
14:40 The reconstruction in Hambach Forest is running.
14:20 “Secu Road will be constantly occupied by RWE in the future.” (former motorway feeder road)
13:57 More and more people are entering the forest.
13:53 Many people are in the forest. New barricades are being built and tree houses reinforced!
13:12 Demo continues to move, passing the vigil. They are requested by the police to enter the forest in groups of three.
12:45 Things are moving again in Buir. Activists who disclosed their personal details are now on their way to Hambach Forest to support the occupation.
11:57 The police of NRW mocks the right of assembly. The activists arrived already as an existing assembly. Checking of personal details of meeting participants is illegal!
11:00 The detained person is set free without having disclosed any personal details!
10:45 The spokesperson of Aktion Unterholz was pulled out of the crowd without any cause during an interview.
10:38 The police continue to refuse to recognize the assembly of the #HambiBleibt activists. From the beginning, they came as an assembly, the chairman registered before. Despite peaceful course, personal data are demanded.

September 6th

See also this film of Deutsche Welle

12:46 Clearing stop until October 14th. Due to the complaint of B.U.N.D., RWE must wait with the deforesting.
12:40 End of today’s police actions. Police and RWE withdraw from the Forest.
12:01 Police left Gallien and probably Oaktown too, probably due to the rain.
11:50 Day X was proclaimed, because the first trees have been felled. Many people will take action now.
11:18 In Oaktown, an inhabited barricade is being cleared. With a scraper excavator. Although there are still people in there.
11:17 First day of “KIM NEULAND” trial: police present again – ID cards are copied at the entrance. About 15 supporters present. For info about the „KIM NEULAND“ trial, visit the ABC twitter @xABC_rlx.
10:45 Small trees are felled in Oaktown.
10:29 A journalist who writes, among others, for the , was held by the police for an hour and a half on the way to the forest occupation. His cell phone was taken away.
10:11 Oaktown: it seems they are starting to clear cabin Simona.
10:00 Gallien: Small trees are currently being limbed (debranched) with the chainsaw.
09:50 RWE steals Oaktown’s solar panels.
09:00 Gallien: Chainsaws are now destroying the rest of the cut off platform next to the tower.
08:30 A hundred in Oaktown. Traverses (cross connections) are cut off and platforms are attacked.
08:18 Security guards and cops cut the bridge between the Gallien tower and the platform next to it.
08:15 Cops enter Oaktown, security guards in Gallien.
07:40 Some police vans also at the forest entrance at Lorien. They have lift trucks and excavators with them.
07:10 The meadow occupation is surrounded.

September 5th

8:15 pm No more police inside the forest. They are still present around though.
7:33 pm One of the people arrested today is currently in hospital as the police broke their arm.
6:55 pm The demo now arriving at the edge of the forest.
5:57 pm Demo is still on the way. Now with about 700 people.
5:56 pm Gesa-support (at the detention center) in Aachen is under pressure from the police. Personal data were registered and cops pushed supporters in handcuffs against a wall. Support your local Supporters!
5:22 pm The A-Tripod at Jesus Point has been cleared.
5:21 pm Demo going through the “danger area”.
5:00 pm 300 people at the demo. The A-Tripod at Jesus Point is almost cleared.
4:12 pm At Cozytown 3 generously filled shit barricades are cleared. The mood is good. At least at the side of the activists.
4:10 pm The monopod and tripod are evicted. On the big A, one person is still standing. He asks those present for support at the detention center when he is evacuated.
4:10 pm Updates from the EA (Ermittlungsausschuss, committee of enquiry): 5 people in custody in , 3 are probably still on the way there. Two were brought before the magistrate and will come out tomorrow at 0 o’clock again. Solidary people wait in front of the Gesa (Gefangenensammelstelle, prisoners collecting point or detention center)
4:05 pm Still one person on the tripod (looking like a big A) at Jesus Point.
4:00 pm No cops in Oaktown anymore and dinner is ready.
1:30 pm Eviction of ground structures in t-town starting.
12:45 In Morschenich around 15 people including 2 painters banned coming to the forest, the words “art prohibition” are mentioned
If u are in the danger zone and want to hear resistance radio: Now in operation: Radio Dangerzone on 87,6!
11:53 Around the tripod at the “Jesuspoint” a big operation is happening. Climbing cops are there. A heavy machine drove over what they previously called a dangerous “bomb”. They did not call a bomb disposal engineer.11:46 Ground structures in Lorien have been removed. One tripod is still standing.
11:35 Since last night at 4:30 2 people have been in the Gesa (detention center) in Aachen. One of them has been allowed to use the phone now, for the first time. They did not get any food. Come to the Gesa! Bring tobacco and vegan snacks.
10:55 Cherry picker wanted to evict the lowest platform in Lorien. When someone occupied the platform, the cherrypicker stopped. The ground in oaktown is being evicted very thoroughly by the police. A small tripod in Lorien has been pushed over by an eviction tank, a big tripod is occupied.
10:34 Climbing cops at the tripod. Person is buried in hole, 2,5m deep, with the left arm in a lock-on. Cherry picker in Oaktown.
10:14 Eviction team of the cops gets to the tripod and monopod structure at the Jesus Point.
9:32 the eviction of everything on the ground in oaktown has started. In the background the cops and RWE are called names by activists.
9:27 Police heard the name Mike in oaktown: Is he not living on the meadow?
9:25 Person, who had been arrested near the flying field, was set free.
9:16 Police has found an art installation and is getting support from a bomb disposal team
9:09 One person arrested near the flying field
9:00 Riot cops and security at oaktown. Calls and howling sirens from everywhere
8:58 Technical unit at the tripod at the entrance of the forest near Deathtrap. They brought a cherry picker with them
8:04 Meadow surrounded by cops
8:00 Cops at the meadow drive aimlessly from left to right. Historical barricades are being evicted
7:40 Lorien is surrounded. Eviction works started around the lake at oaktown
7:31 About hundred armoured cops enter very carefully the forest at Deathtrap (entrance from Secu road). A lot of eviction vehicles and security guards, but still manageable. Inspection of the forest on the main roads
6:00 meadow calm, some vehicles at deathtrap
They have been removing barricades, including evicting some live-in barricades with lock-ons, destroying some structures on the ground, controlling massively on the road to Hambi, scouting out the tree villages, and generally getting up to no good. At times there were over 600 cops in the woods. They’ve had water cannon and tanks at the ready also. Some people were arrested after being cut out of lock ons, but are free now. At the weekend the cops made a big fuss about a fire extinguisher that was part of a barricade, and which they claimed to suspect as a bomb! The usual exaggeration in the attempt to discredit the occupation with sensational headlines.
Today they escorted a group of politicians from the governments coal commission on an inspection. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?It seems likely that these attacks will continue, and that the police will attempt to evict all the tree houses before cutting season starts on October 1st. Since 6 years folk have been here to stop the destruction of our Hambach Forest by the police and RWE. For that reason, tree houses and barricades were built, and people have for example locked themselves on to the excavators, power stations, trains, train tracks… too many have been put in prison. The people in the forest continue to act, and will keep on acting even after an eviction.In case you have a lot of extra money and want to get rid of some to support the people in the forest for example to buy more climbing equipment, you are very welcome to do so:Account: Spenden und Aktionen
Volksbank Mittelhessen
Reference: Hambacher Forst
IBAN: DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06

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