Forest-walk this Sunday (23rd September), or any day!

Every person has a right to experience nature, see the trees, feel the leaf-covered ground under their feet, and hear the calm ambiance of the forest. However, in the 12,000 year old Hambach Forest, the police are making it hard for nature-lovers young and old, to do so.
The whole area in and around the Hambach forest has been officially declared as a “danger-zone”, giving the forces of the state the right to ID-control and search every person entering the area, and some people have been forced to leave the area “prohibited to return” for up to several months.

But despite the large police presence, we will still take every chance to visit the beautiful forest that we love! Again this Sunday (23. of September) Michael Zobel and Eva Töller will lead their weekly forest-walk, explaining about the unique ecosystems in the Hambach forest, and tell stories of the movement for its preservation. We recommend all lovers of nature, families without Sunday-plans, climate-activists and journalists to join us, and experience the wonders of the last ancient forest in Central-Europe. The event will begin at 11:30, location will be made public later on the homepage:

For people who may not have the chance to join on Sunday, or who otherwise want to see the forest, we also recommend you to take any chance you can to enter the forest! The police of NRW and the employees of RWE are currently destroying large parts of the forest, in order to evict the climate-justice occupations inside. The last weeks of police actions have shown us, that when we are many people opposing their unjust work, we are able to complicate and delay their destruction of this unique piece of nature.
So the message here is clear: come by, experience the forest, and show your solidarity!

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  1. Tim

    Dear Hambi team,

    Me and my friends are foreign students/scientists currently working in Cologne and we would like to join the Forest-walk. We are wondering if some information in English will be available during the tour?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Martyn

      Hi Tim,

      There are quite a lot of concerned international folks at Hambi and probably also attending these kinds of events, so I think you should be fine even without deep German language skills. I am bilingual English/German and will be there on Sunday.

      Kind regards


    2. Hayden Fowler

      Dear Tim and Hambi team, myself and a friend are also planning to come from Berlin to join this walk. We are both foreign artists (New Zealand/Australia & Chile) working with environmental/ecological issues in our practices. Of course, some information in English would be useful to us too, but not essential. Tim, would be good to also meet with some others there- so perhaps we could be in contact or look out for for each other there.

      1. dangeradmin

        Try to contact our press team: 01631425943

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