Excavator stopped. Today, Oct 5 at 12:00 in EastEnd.

This text was sent to us.

About 12:00, about twenty adults and children moved to the new ramparts that RWE piled up.

The ramparts are heaped up in height to about 2.50 meters with gravel and earth and provided with barrier tape. The trench directly behind it has been dredged to a depth of approximately 2.80 meters. Marking woods are labeled as “pipelines”. This inscription is not necessarily believable, because the rampart obviously serves as a barrier to prepare the enclosure of the section to be deforested next, which is currently on ice for the time being as a consequence of the current court decision.

The RWE employees quickly got into their cars and left the place. The excavator driver however continued working. At the same time two vehicles of the security company (IWSM – Industrie – Werk – Schutz Mundt, Industry – Plant – Protection Mundt) came, guards jumped out of the cars and put on gloves. A present camera crew protected by their presence. Because one of the security guards (known by name under Carlo C.) made a move to physically attack individuals of the group. For example to tear away the camera from a Hambi journalist with his press card raised.

But the group quickly bypassed the security guards, who were visibly overwhelmed with the mix of people. As the group approached the excavator, the excavator operator had no other choice but to put out the engine. The known security guard tried violently to stop people, but since his colleagues remained defensive because of the determination and the composition of the group, he had to take back. This group, and specifically one security, has been identified as a bat on another sit-in and is documented. The nose bone of a sympathizer of forest and Hambi was broken in the attack. The video is already posted on the net.

The excavator had to stop work completely and retreated to the edge of the open cast mine, where he belongs. The ditch itself, being a threat to walkers, can now be filled again after the failure of this year’s deforesting work – for example by the many thousands of people who in the next days will take the forest in possession again.

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pictures of this happening

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