It’s quiet in the forest for the time being – An interim report

Dear Hambis, I just sent this message to my brother-in-law. It needs no further explanation:

Hello X, I hear you are worried about the garbage in Hambach Forest. Rightly so. Unlike what the police wants to make us believe, it was created during the evictions, as the tree houses were scattered on the forest floor, along with everything in there, including windows. But something has been done in the meantime. This was a message from October 14 on Twitter:

Today was #Hambiputz @Oaktown1312 is full of broken pieces. Help Clumsy & Co with shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, possibly sieves, firm bags or similar, gloves. We first collected shards in one place. #HambacherWald #Hambibleibt.

There are a lot of people who walk around barefoot, at least in the never-ending summer. You can see all the pictures from before the eviction: nowhere but a pinch of garbage.

The bat caves are now free again. Bat rescue action .
To the prattle of Laschet, prime minister by the grace of RWE, that the forest now needs peace: On the old and new forest roads, cut trough the forest and fixed by NRWE with great effort, immediately on October 5, every 100 meters barricades were built. The security and police (many only speak of seculice) who used to race along on them with 50 km/h, especially when there were pedestrians in the way, must stay outside again. The strictly protected dormouse, which shared the houses with the people in the treetops, can look forward to it: tree houses are being built again.
The boars were chased away by the many eggheads, the loud machines and the floodlights. They used to meet from time to time the people who they have known for years. Without absconding. Now they are coming back. The bats can enter / leave their winter caves again (See endangered species in the forest). The trails are marked again, so that visitors do not go across the forest.
Of course, this visitors bring along all sorts of things. Food, drinking, clothes. And sometimes also climbing harnesses. Because they also were seized by the police. That’s what they call security measures. What’s still missing are car batteries. Maybe you have got one standing around?

It’s quiet in the forest for the time being, but it’s hurt. I met walking families – they too are back and still there – horrified by the destruction. Without any need, 400 year old trees were cut. Outside the clearing season. Because of to “insufficient fire protection” in the tree houses.

Millions of euros were squandered and in the end they retired and sure, the tree occupations go from scratch. A connection with the clear-cutting stop is denied, although nobody believes that. Who is going to pay for this waste and the irreparable damage? What will the audit offices say?
How foolish must the thousands of police officers feel? In any case, the cops in Kerpen, who have been brutalizing for years, seem to be very frustrated. These days, I happened to be there when people were arrested by security guards because od dumpster diving and showered with pepper spray by the cops as soon as they arrived Ironically, this police station is chosen to test the new tasers.

The state disenchantment is growing and growing. Why that?

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