Update #2 days of action “Defend De Vloek and Autonomous spaces” 26-28 December 2014

December 26 – 28, days of action in support of De Vloek and autonomous spaces will take place in The Hague. Three days packed with actions and demonstrations. Below is an update with the latest information.
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Program/LegalTeam/sleeping places…
Friday December 26:
Kick off demonstration of the days of action
Time: 18:00
Location: Kerkplein, The Hague

Saturday December 27:
Day of autonomous actions
Time: all day
Location: throughout The Hague

Sunday December 28:
Demonstration for De Vloek and autonomous spaces
Time: 18:00
Locatie: Kerkplein, The Hague

Sleeping places and food:
From Friday until Monday morning there will be sleeping places available. It is important that you bring your own sleeping bag and mat with you. You should also bring enough warm clothes. If you would like to reserve a sleeping place, send an e-mail to sleepingplaces@nullriseup.net. There are still some spaces available. Water & Brood and Le Sabot will cook vegan food throughout the weekend. On Friday evening, there will be food at the demonstration, and there will be breakfast at De Vloek on Monday morning.

Safe Spaces:
During the preparation for the action weekend, the need for safe spaces (for example for women, LGBT/Queer people) was discussed. We would like to invite everyone to let us know (in advance if possible) if such spaces will be required and to actively work to create them.

The action weekend is by definition a very bad place for dogs. We are therefore advising everyone to leave your dog at home in someone else’s care. If you can’t manage this, for the sake of being reasonable, safe and animal friendly, please keep your dog with you on a leash.

Legal team and lawyers:
A Legal Team (‘Arrestantengroup’ or ‘AG’ in Dutch) will be standing by for you for the whole weekend, there will also be lawyers on call for the whole weekend if you get arrested. The AG can be reached by telephone starting Friday at 12:00.

Legal team telephone number: 0031-643136945
The following lawyers will be standing by:

Friday: Michiel Kuyp (Jebbink & Soeteman advocaten)
Saturday: Ineke van den Brûle (Prinsegracht 53 advocaten)
Sunday: Michiel Kuyp (Jebbink & Soeteman advocaten)

Detailed information about the AG and information about your writes can be found here: http://vloekactiondays.wordpress.com/english-legal-team/

Starting on Friday afternoon at 15:00, an information center will be opened in De Vloek. You can stay up to date on all events by consulting the info group. The info group provides information about the actions and where they are taking place, and also about possible police activity. The info group can be reached 24 hours per day at the following numbers:

0031-626688627 (reachable from Friday December 26 15:00)
0031-633852093 (reachable from Friday December 26 15:00)

You can follow the actions and police activity on the timeline and on Twitter:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeVloek
Tijdlijn: http://vloekactiondays.wordpress.com/timeline/

The info group is dependent on the information that they receive. If you would like your own action to be announced on the timeline, please call it in. This way, other people can quickly join an action that is going on, and it can be forwarded to the press. Keep in mind that the information you give to the info group will be made public. It is also important to inform the info group about other things, such as police activity.

See you at the action days! Defend De Vloek and autonomous spaces!

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