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The excavator at the extraction site Inden was more then 50 hours occupied. motivation and declarationgermanfrench

Excavator 280

at the edge

map openpit mine Inden
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  • Action complete All activists are free again.
    At 9 o’ clock in the morning the last activists descendet the excavator freely and have been brought to the edge of the opencast minet by RWE security. Police expected them and brought them to Düren were thay have been released at 1 o’clock – without knowing their identities.
  • Monday 8 am: 55 hours!
    Inden – Elmau – resistance everywhere.
  • Sunday 7 pm: new supportes at the excavator

    an der Kante

    From the edge:
    “We arrived and heard the 4 singing. “It gives us great strength, that you are here!”, they shouted down. The location is very quiet. A security guard, came over to us and discussed with us about his work and our work and about how environmental degradation is to be stopped … until he was halted by a supervisor.

  • Monday 0 am: Still on top!
    We came to stay. You want to dig – count us out!
    Inden – Elmau – resistance everywhere.
  • Sunday 2pm: all 4 supporters had been arrested und were brought to Düren
    Now they are free again. The excavator is still occupied.
  • Sunday 11 am: police chases 2 inside supporters
    Two people remained at the edge of the pit trying to flee to an intermediate level of the escarpment. When the police slips behind, they run into the open pit. So far, the pursuit is along the coal conveyor belts.
  • Sunday at 10:30 clock: 2 inside supporters have been arrested.
    After several security cars and three police cars arrived, the two of the 4 supporters outside the pit were arrested.
  • Frühstück

    Sunday, 9:10am: Situation unchanged
    Good Morning! 4 People on the excavator, 4 on the edge of the pit. Also it is not 4 men as claimed by dpa.

  • Sunday 1:00 am: Supporters are in shouting distance
    A small group of supporters is on the edge of the open pit. They have lit a firework as a greeting to try to communicate with the people on the excavator.
    The occupation hit the 24 hour mark!
  • Saturday 10pm: less contact, occupation continues
    The mobile battery gets lower – so we had some delay. Still no police. All are fine. Preparations for the second night on the excavator.
  • Bagger in 70m Höhe

    Saturday 16:30 o’clock: rest. Excavators easily accessible.
    People from the area are welcome to come to the open pit edge.
    “It is possible to get pretty close here.”, Said grade with an activist by telephone, who grew up in the vicinity of the open pit. “From the village Schophoven there are only a few dirt roads until man stands in front of our excavators.”

  • Bagger in 70m Höhe

    14:15 A firefighter truck arrived.
    Some people are climbing around on the lower parts of the excavator to get an idea of the situation. Still no police.

  • Morgen

    13:00 twelve hours have already passed
    The machine stands still: “We are now the only ones here on the excavator!”

  • Morgen

    12:00 location quiet. Everything is quiet. Clothes dry again.
    Still no police. The clothes are now again mostly dry. “We have it quite cozy here. Earlier a women walking with a dog has waved at us. ”

  • Morgen

    7:00 No police anymore
    The day dawns. Another photo in brightness reach us via MMS.
    Still no police. Only an ambulance is around.

  • 3:00 Police sniffs
    Less than 10 police appear, climb up a piece and try to communicate.
    “We’re fine!”, the activists shout back.
    After some time, the police disappears again.
    If four people can paralyze a giant excavator for several hours in such a gentle way – what might happen if only a small part of pulling all the frustrated people of the society in the same direction? – From the Action Statement
  • „Wenn „… was könnte passieren, wenn auch nur ein kleiner Teil all der frustrierten Menschen dieser Gesellschaft an einem Strang zieht?“ – Aus der Aktionserklärung

    1:00 Staffed excavator
    People arrive at the open pit and climb the bucket wheel.
    Some were lying down in the early evening with blankets in the woods and a little pre-sleep.
    Now they are drenched by thunderstorms and full of oil from the excavators to 70m height and try to curl up under a tarp.

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