Main Conveyor Belt in Hambach blocked

Since tonight the main transport track inside the open pit mine Hambach is blocked. The action is current, we keep you updated.

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6:00 conveyor belt near the coal bunker is blocked. All halts.
6:30 Quite and happy.
9:30 thre police cars, a security car and an ambilance arrive and park nearby. They just watch so far.
12:30 the first two person have been cut out and are beeing brought to the workshop to remove the lock-on. This was supposedly the last phone call with the occupation.
14:30 One Person has been released in Düren.
15:34 All are free, except Jus.
18:37 A solidary person fetching freed people from Düren has been searched and forced for a drug test. Police hindered to drive for 2 days to wait for the result of the test. This is purely unreasonable and for the only reason of creative repression.


22. August 2015
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