Main conveyor belts blocked- Update and declaration

7.October at 3:35 . Once again all conveyor belts are standing still. This time 3 new information: 2 persons got together to stand their ground against the harassments of the workers and the cruelty of the cops. 10 minutes later there is no communication possible anymore. Around 5:30 we get a call that the cops will bring them to Jülich. Then the call ends with a cry of pain.
15:00: One person is free, the other person sees the judge right now.
15:50: Electricity problems in Düren. The person will be brought to Aachen and will see the judge there tomorrow.

4. October at around 02:50 both of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach got blockaded too. These Lock-On-Actions stopped the open cast mine for several hours.

We are removable.
The forest is removable.
The villages are removable.
The ground and all the living beings which live on it are removable.

Not all of these living beings are in a position to defend themselves.
A lot of the human living beings stopped since a while to defend themselves.
Or they never started with it.
They never questioned it and stayed silent.
Those who speak up got silenced.
Because of money, by malicious gossip, the missing support & the apparent superiority of a giant company.

We are not all here since a long time.
Some of us came from far away.
We have different stories, weaknesses, strengths, needs, ways of working and skills.
We see our Diversity as a strength.
Like it is a strength in all ecosystems which recruits itself mutual.

We will continue to go on the barricades.
We will continue signing petitions.
We will continue sabotaging your machines.
We will continue not accepting your authorities.
We will continue breaking your laws.
We will continue spreading flyers.
We will continue to live like we want.
We will continue chaining our bodies to your machines.
We will continue to be loud.
We will continue working on our traumas.
We will continue supporting our friends.
We will continue with not forgetting.
We will continue to color grey walls.
We will continue eating your trash
We will continue to wallow in luxury
We will continue to not give a shit about your paper borders
We will continue to learn and to share skills
We will continue to support those who are excluded and locked in by you
We will continue to steal from your companies and cheating your administrations
We will continue stirring up stereotypes
We will continue to be dirty
We will continue not to forgive

We will continue to do all of which we hope that can stop you, to get out all of us from the total fossil and capitalist crap and we will not content ourselves with this misery in our lives.

Some wandering ones
No jobs on a dead planet!

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