Hambach railway blockade near Buir

“If you break our noses, we stop your trains!”

October 24, 2015 This morning about 5:30, activists of the anti-lignite-movement again stopped a coal train on the Hambach railway. The Hambach railway transports coal from the Hambach mine to nearby power plants. The action came as a direct response to the violent arrest of two Compas on Thursday. The nose of one of them was broken.
During the action, the two people chained themselves near or below the coal train on the rails. Train services on the Hambach railway was thus interrupted for at least 8 hours. The action is just (13:30) stopped by the police. Unfortunately we currently have no information to which police station the Compas were brought. The train service is interrupted as before. The police just begins to release the activists from the track.

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