Police searches WAA and Forest Occupation

Currently every corner of the WAA house in Düren and on the meadow occupation in the Hambach Forest are searched …
Come around, we do not know how long any report will be possible.
The repression against the environmental movement in the Rhineland is increasing.
+++ Important: New contact number +49 15759103780 +++

The newspaper Aachener Zeitung ( see article http://www.aachener-zeitung.de/lokales/region/pferde-hunde-hubschrauber-grossrazzia-am-hambacher-forst-1.1335124 ) sees a connection to offences, allegedly committed in late February. At that time the police claimed that their forces, who should accompany / enforce the deforesting work on the final day of the grubbing season, were fired at with slingshots. One person was arrested then, but after a short time released again. There seems to be video footage of the reported incident.
A dog handler with his dog is searching the meadow. What the dog is trained for, is not known.

Come to the meadow and the WAA, so that the police there can not continue searching everything unobserved !!!
Show your solidarity! Spread this information and support the local people!


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Tuesday, April 12th
Also our last compa is free now!

Monday, April 11th

  • 22:15 We call it a day and close the ticker for today. One person is still kidnapped (according to the latest info into a psychiatric hospital), but the others are all free. The arrests appear just to have been executed, so that the police could achieve any results after their totally excessive operation with more than 300 cops. We thank all those who have supported us throughout the day and who came to the solidarity rallies. Now it’s first of all clean up after the devastation. In addition, the cops have taken computers and phones, so we are pleased when people donate any. And of course we hope that the remaining kidnapped person will soon be free again!
  • 21:10 According to our information the people detained in Aachen are all free now.
  • 21:00 Police threatens with eviction of the solidarity rally in Düren, since there no chairperson is named – 20 people are there. Support needed!
  • 19:53 From the GeSa in Aachen the 6th of 7 detained persons just came out
  • 19:50 Fifteen people at the solidarity rally in Düren. The vigil in front of the cop shop in Aachen is still standing. So far, unfortunately, no one was released. Come over!
  • 18:50 Seventy people at the rally in Cologne.
  • 18:30 Fifty people at the solidarity rally in Cologne – come over! Thank you for your great support. The prisoners are still detained in the police station Aachen, there is a solidarity vigil in front of the building. At 7:30 pm, it starts in Düren on the market square.
  • 17:30 A solidarity rally will be held, in Düren on the market square, at 7:30 pm. Come numerous! In Cologne already 5 cop vans are on the Rudolfplatz, the rally there will start in 20 minutes.
  • 17:05 The cops are retired from the meadow! Come in Cologne to the solidarity rally at 6 pm at Rudolf Square, and in Aachen in front of the police station to wait for the prisoners!
  • 17:00 According to eyewitnesses, the cops on the meadow prepare to retreat – but no all clear yet!
  • 16:30 Paddy wagon with 5 activists has arrived at the cop station in Aachen. There is standing, in front of the station, a group of solidary people – get there if you are in or near Aachen!
  • 16:15 Apparently the cops are searching on the meadow among others for hexagon nuts – it remains unclear what they want to prove if they should find any.
  • 16:00 Five people have been arrested on the meadow and are now sitting in a paddy wagon. They probably (!) will be transferred to Aachen.
  • 15:30 At 6 pm there will be a solidarity rally in Cologne at Rudolfplatz! Support your local climate movement!
  • 15:20 A paddy wagon arrives at the meadow occupation, the police is receiving reinforcements.
  • 14:50 Cops operation in the WAA is finished since about one hour. All devices with data carriers (laptops, hard drives, mobile phones, etc.) were confiscated, as well as ID documents, address lists and other documents, a number of banners and flags (?), Plus paint and other DIY articles. The Infoshop and the office are completely devastated, just like most dwellings in the garden.
  • 14:10 First arrest at the meadow occupation – operation of the cops there continues.
  • 13:55 The police operation in the WAA is just finished, the cops retire. Probably there is still only one single arrest.
  • 13:45 Eyewitnesses count 50 (!) police vehicles on the meadow, the prosecutor is on the spot. The warrant was now presented (after 4 hours) – sought is apparently on the material, believed to have been used in Feruary during the troubles around the deforestation.
  • 13:20 First arrest in the WAA, person is led away in handcuffs by the ordnungsamt = public order office (!)
  • 12:55 Climbing cops also on their way to Oaktown – the trees are all occupied
  • 12:40 Cops with climbing equipment near Deathtrap
  • 12:25 One person in the Skipod at Deathtrap and one at the local barricade. Trucks (possibly for clearing barricades) are on spot.
  • 12:00 In Oaktown there are now two police units. Climbers also have been spotted, but so far no clearance vehicles.
  • 11:50 One of the trailers is searched without any of the meadow people being allowed to be present. So far no warrant was presented.
    A mounted police unit is on site, the helicopter is withdrawn.
    The contact with the WAA is currently interrupted.
  • 10:30 The meadow is surrounded by police, a helicopter is circling above meadow and forest. Five mounted cops are on the adjacent meadow. The meadow residents are encircled. They do not give any reason for the search.
    There are currently 50 officers. Residents are watching from the street. They search the premises of the WAA and do not present a warrant.
    People on the property are not allowed to leave their trailers.
    Police prevents phone calls.

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