Trial in Siegburg on sexualized violence

Recommended rail connection for common driving

S13, departure Düren:11:03 track 5, Dep. Buir: 11:10 track 1
interchange 11:33 Köln Ehrenfeld, track 1
then → S 12, dep. Ehrenfeld 11:44, track 1, arr: 12:09 Siegburg/Bonn, track 2
then → 5 min walk in Siegburg, Open Street Map

The only later rail connection would allow just ten minutes for a common mental and legal preparation.
The district court of Siegburg has announced entrance controls with ID required and metal detectors.
So it certainly would not be wrong if people would feel like preparing banners…

Warning: This article could be very upsetting for some people. This applies in particular for victims of sexualized violence, and more so if they have an ambivalent relationship with close relatives. But if these people could forward this article unread to solidary people in their environment, that would be a great help.

On Friday, June 03, at 1:30 pm, there will be a hearing in the interlocutory proceedings against Kolya Wlazik from Buir in the Amtsgericht (District Court) of Siegburg. Many activists from the forest may know him from the “silent conquest of the Hambach Forest”. Kolya is a survivor of abuse during his childhood by a now deceased teacher from Darmstadt. He is in litigation with Heide Hamann, “the woman who burdened him her genes”, whom he wants to prove that she is to blame for his trauma and to be protector of the perpetrator – and who wants to forbid him to talk publicly about it.

Since the incidents are barred, he has no recourse to legal action against them. Instead, he expresses his accusations in public, and against that she made an injunction at the district court Siegburg on May 4th. In that procedure Kolya himself was not even heard, and now he is forbidden to express or make expressed six statements about her guilt – under penalty of up to 250,000 € administrative fine or six months in jail, with repeated transgression up to two years. [Link to the judgment with the prohibited statements]

Kolya will appeal this during the trial on Friday and he is very optimistic to prove that the prohibited statements are true. He would be grateful for a supportive audience – because in the trial it’s exactly about the opportunity of self-assertion in public, which is to be taken away from him.
However, he strongly recommends that only mentally very stable people should come, because experience shows that the dispute will be extremely fierce. Above all his sharpest weapon in this fight is the very open word – and especially for people with similar experience that could be stressful in heavy dimensions. All those who can and want to withstand this ugly event are nevertheless welcome. For a problem shared is a problem halved.
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