UPDATE! Three more people in prison

from https://abcrhineland.blackblogs.org

On December 3rd, one more Person was arrested and is now in Prison on remand.

Since December 1st there are two more activists from Hambach Forest in custody jail.

According to the police, both have been at a treehouse close to the entrance of the forest, when firework was set off towards police officers. Noone got hurt. They are accused of causing an explosion and aggravated assault. Custody jail ist justified by danger of absconding, because both have their residence outside of Germany.

Thuersday noon they had their arraignment in Kerpen and were then brought to the women’s prison in Cologne Ossendorf.


Write letters! Be aware that each single letter is getting checked and controlled by the authorities. Hodei and Siao speak Spanish and English. Add stamps, photos, pictures, leaves, sticker, glitter and other stuff, which brings a smile to the face of our compas and angers the censor.


SSK z.H. ABC Hodei/Siao
Salierring 37
50677 Köln

Visit them!
For visits inside you need a permisson by the judge. It takes around two weeks till a first visit will be possible. If you want to visit, please contact the abc. Visits outside the prison dont need a permisson, but noisy voices, megaphones and anything else, which helps to show all prisoners that they are not alone.

Make solidarity actions!
Organzise demos, manifestations, actions against prisons were ever you are! Be part of the “Advent calendar” from Bündnis ohne Braunkohle” and support the struggle in Hambach Forest.

Collect donations! The prisoners need money to buy tobacco and vegan food.

And last but not least:

Let the struggle continue!


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