Blockade of the Hambach Railroad by Hambach Forest Activists


 Blockade of the Hambach Railroad by Forest Activists

Solidarity greetings to Hamburg. While the government representatives of the G20 summit are protected by at least 20000 cops (because the ruling ones are so afraid of those they supposedly represent), we blocked the Hambach railroad by means of a tripod. Today, we have opted for the path of non-violent resistance – this does not mean that we want to reflect on attempts to divide peaceful protest from militant resistance or that we basically condemn militant counter-raids from below.

It has often been made clear why it is necessary to resist climate change and environmental destruction. Let us not enumerate the arguments here, but formulate some messages:

First, all the environmentalist, capitalist and domination-critical activists who are expressing their dissent in Hamburg in a variety of ways:
Of course, we are in absolute solidarity with you. It is important to take the contradiction of the status quo directly to the right addresses. Nevertheless, we wanted to encourage more decentralized actions at major events. Let us imagine that only one-tenth of the activists in Hamburg would be prepared to block or sabotage targets that are symbolic and / or strategic for domination and capitalism… or that there would be looting of supermarkets and plundering of production sites…Those responsible would no longer dare to go to such an event, so as to protect themselves from those they controlled, since the cops would then be missing in other places.
We also want to inspire you to be more creative and diverse in protesting. For example tripods could be used in the city. 😉
We also invite you to be active after the summit in Hamburg, for example in the Hambach Forest.

The most important message, however, is to RWE: Even if things have been quieter in recent months, we are still here, we remain uncontrollable and the coal industry remains a capital risk! We will not stop until you stop: As long as you continue to steal local land and destroy irreplaceable nature, such as the Hambach Forest, as long as you massively contributing to the mass murder and the destruction of eco-sytems via humanized climate change, With every method that we consider appropriate: whether it is today, with peaceful blockades, with sabotage or also militant action when it makes sense.

Smash G20!
Smash Capitalism!
Save The Earth!

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