Hambi Preparation for Conference of Polluters 23, Ende Gelände, Climate Demos and Actions

As the corporate elites fronted by global fossil cartels coopt and monopolize the UN Climate Negotions bringing it into the largest lignite district in Germany this year and into Katowice Poland, the center of Silesian Coal Mining district for the next Climate Summit. It is only radical, direct-action and grass-roots responses that are becoming the last line of defense between present day disaster capitalism with its waves of repression and state-corporate propaganda and an unlivable planet of ecological and social collapse. As people from the frontlines of rising oceans, climate and ecological collapse come to Bonn this year a mobilization and hospitality invitations go out of the Millenarian Hambacher Forest that is shrinking every year under the encroching single largest CO2 emitter RWE’s open cast lignite mine, shrinking but not without resistance. So bring the story of your struggles to the Forest, Camp, Sing and Create another climate justice reality that is not just possible but is alive and well in the Hambacher Forest and has been for last 5 years.

Through-out the Climate-Justice Convergence, that will be the response to COP23, workshops, skillshares, safe spaces and info tables will be organized through out the forest. The food and shelter infrastructure can only acomodate a limited number of activist so if possible bring camping equipment and extra food with you. Be aware that it is possible that attempts will be made to distrupt organizing and actions so if possible try not to camp in large concentrations but see the ancient Hambacher forest by distributing your camp sites.


If you have the copacity please bring extra water,check the online wish list and if blocked and not able to make it to the forest document and disseminate the controls and repression info. This year over 20 treehouses of the forest occupation lay in the deforestation zone so contacts, solidarity actions and help reocuppying in the case of repression and evictions would be greatly appreciated.

For The Planet Worth living On!

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  1. Peter

    Great picture.
    I think there are many valuable pictures on the blog.
    E. g. also the recent picture of the hazel dormouse in Beechtown, or pictures of the tree houses.
    One easy way to increase publicity would be to upload some of these pictures to Wikimedia Commons, which is a sister project of the Wikipedia.

    If you upload pictures you have to take in account that you don’t have control over them any more and there is no way to change this back.
    I know that you don’t pay much attention to property rights, but you should definitely ask the photographer, if he or she is willing to share his or her photos to the world.
    Also you must make sure that every person you can see on the photos is giving consent to publish the photos.
    Maybe it’s a good idea to discuss in a plenum which pictures you want to publish (perhaps if at all).

    You can upload pictures even anonymously, although then your IP address is registered and published.
    The best way would be to create an account with an e-mail address (although not required). So it’s easier to take part in discussions or stay informed.

    Btw. the English Wikipedia article about Hambach Forest is rudimental.
    Maybe you have a text available already to add it to the article.
    From my point of view the article should be better concise than long.

    I can offer my help, so feel free to ask questions. I’ve written a Wikipedia article myself, but I’m far from being an expert. I can also upload pictures or make changes in the articles for you, if you like, but I definitely think it’s better if you do this together yourselves.
    You will see it’s easier than creating a blog.
    You don’t have to worry about making mistakes. The idea behind Wikipedia is the same as behind skillsharing, I would say.

    You can try it out:
    Go to https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Hambacher_Forst
    or: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Muscardinus_avellanarius (for the hazelmouse)
    On top of the page is the Create account -link (you can use the same account for Wikimedia and Wikipedia)
    On the left side there is the Upload file -link.

    To choose the license you think would be appropriate, consult:

  2. Warmest spiritual greetings from San Francisco. The photograph of ecodefenders in a yogic balancing pose is important in a number of ways. Over the past 40 years in the United States, there has been an intertwining of various spiritual traditions within the Earth First! movement, which has given ecodefense a greater resolve and considerably more philosophical depth. General earth spiritual traditions such as neo-paganism easily merged with radical environmentalism, and also Buddhist peace fellowships have embraced eco-dissent. There’s even Christian green groups now. India’s Sanatana Dharma has influenced direct action participants, insofar as yoga philosophy and health practices are supportive of the larger revolutionary ecological view. Indeed, Integral Yoga and Earth First! have both benefitted from the unique relationship. Monkeywrenching and the aspiration to realize the inherent emptiness of all phenomena, and to be established on the spiritual platform with the Brahmic vrittis in control, while continuing to witness earthly situations, plus going from the nauseating present of postmodernism to a bright future of permaculture, makes living exciting and fun. All of us may enjoy a glorious inner condition of bliss divine! In solidarity, Craig Louis Stehr (craigstehr@nullinbox.com)

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