Clearing stop does not mean that the forest is safe…

Today we woke up and the forest was calm. No rumbling of the machines tore the silence, no police helicopter stood over our houses. Since yesterday 6 pm RWE is not authorized to continue the deforestation. However, this does not mean that the forest is saved: the grubbing-up is prohibited until the court has decided on the application. When that will be, no one can exactly estimate here. In addition, the lawsuit is directed against the operating plan for 2014-2017. Even if the court decides in favor of us, deforesting would be possible again from 1 January 2018, unless the main operating plan, which will apply from 2018, is successfully challenged.

What clearing stop does not mean either is a ban on evictions. Tree houses and the meadow camp still can be evicted (and for Armin Laschet, the lignite also seems to be a special heart issue). Therefore, be careful, keep yourself and your allies up to date. In case of another police operation, there will be a warning again by SMS

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