Stormy Clouds Sunset over Pont Valley Protection Camp

Lots of warm solidarity and support from Pont Valley Protection Camp to all defending Hambacher Forest and full spectrum of their supporters following evictions of barricades this time by the police and imprisonment of now 2 additional Climate Justice Political Prisoners together with UP2(kept for past 2 month in isolation with “evidence” being kept from the defense) making now the #freeHambi3. The disaster martial law capitalism steps up its bullshit this time instead of after communists and labour activists going for environmental, climate and direct action activists first as Rheine Energy CEO/Police Chief, Herbert Reul and his fossil fools disaster capilast New Frei Corps of North Rhine Westphalia Interior ministry police sweeps up the opposition. As climate disaster deepens, ecosystems collapse accelerates, nuclear proliferation and militarization is an accepted by the masses fucked up reality while militant resistance is delegitimized, criminalized and appropriated for media green-scare campaigns. Firecrackers and pocket knives become dangerous weapons as politically cynical capitalist conspiracy of repression continues its campaign of divide and conquer by pushing community and civil initiatives to be further and further apart from radical part of the movement. Through fear and reformists empty promises of change forcing some to engage in follow ups of repressions with external retraumatizing critiques.

Then there is the global constant solidarity reminder seen in every town and every heart of everybody that has ever been kidnapped and temporary at least geographically enslaved. By all who felt a police and other repressors fist, baton, pepper spray, bullet impacting their bodies. You heart and minds are ablaze with the spirit of resistance knowing and feeling that it is others less privileged first wit us next. With our turn to be the repressed and eliminated, delegitimized part of society already taking place. With everybody and other species’ turn also taking place now as the largest habitat on the face of the Earth, the Ocean is in the process of complete collapse with the rising Carbon acidification having killed off the coral about to affect and destroy zoo- and photo-plankton the largest animal and plant based living mass on the planet, forming foundation of marine ecosystems. With climate chaos, peak everything and escalating neo-colonialist planetary GENOCIDE of life escalating together wit state terrorism repression of all who resist it. It is impossible to watch this dynamic of collapse without sadness and depression that is also a big intended EFFECT of repression and persecution, that is why many have and continue not to respond to this incredibly fucked up reality by being passive, setting our own course, finding and continuing cross-sectional contact and solidarity with other struggles. Let’s never forget our animal and human comrades that are at this moments dying under the blade of the bulldozer, right wing, fundamentalist and police death squads and artillery barrages. The worse it is getting for us let it be a reminder of constant and overpowering dynamic of privilege and coopting in the global North that has slowed many to forget that the genocides and holocausts against life and indigenous communities have been going on for centuries and milennia. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN RESISTING SPECISMS, PATRIARCHY, AUTHORITARIANISM AND CAPITALISM.


Hambacher Forest SKILLSHARES 26th to 8th of April, “X+2” – Reoccupy 2 weeks after eviction!

Pont Valley Sunday 25.3 Community Day, Tues 27.3 EVICTION trial & Eviction R(resist)Rave.

Week of Resistance Dijon, France 19-29  of April

Stormy Winds fuck up infrastructure Spirits Up Regardless

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