Destruction from 2 days of clear-cutting

During Monday and Tuesday over 10 acress of millenarian 12,000 year old Hambacher Forest has been cut. Going into that area is a sad, sureal and infuriating experience.

It is estimated that if the present rates  of global deforestation continue(an area the size of Belgium disappearing anually) only about 10 percent of the global forest will remain by 2030. The estimates of carbon dumped into atmosphere from the deforested wood and humus biomass alone is about 17 percent of total global emissions.

When climate change is looked at as a business opportunity in a growing field of geo-engineering, false and non-tried solutions of carbon sequestration that are used as justification to continuing to dump CO2 into the atmosphere, it is the forests and trees that have been and remain the best and natural converters and sequesterers of carbon.

Obviously if their financial value is greater than ecological awareness, and foresight of local, state and judicial institutions their biodiversity remains at risk.  The financial value of tons of climate, atmosphere and water-table destructive lignite under the forest floor only sways the scales of “justice” in the direction of the profit it brings to RWE not to the impact it is having and will continue to have on future generation.   Even the global disaster it is bringin on is looked as a financial opportunity.  In this context the outcome of the delayed legal decission is rather obvious so:

Pack Your Gear and Get Ready an Join Us to Help Defend The Climate and Hambi!!

System Change not Climate Change – Hambi Must Stay!!!


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