Anti-terror attack on the Christmas market

Today there was a solidarity action for the Hambach Forest at the Cologne Christmas market.
More information below!

Anti-terror attack on the Christmas market

This message was sent to us:
“On December 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm, we climbed two trees on the Neumarkt in Cologne and hung banners at lofty heights.

The action pointed to the Hambach Forest, which is endangered by clear cutting. In connection with this, one of the banners encouraged reflection and action with the text “capitalism kills”. Because especially on these markets in the time before Christmas, it is indulged in an unbelievable extend.
Furthermore, today marks the anniversary of the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos (, an adolescent who was murdered by police in 2008. There was a banner on this too. We are still angry and sad about it.

After about 1.5 hours they packed their things – many photos were taken, some discussions were held and the flyers were almost all distributed. Aggressive Christmas market manatees attacked peaceful camera people and supporters on the ground. The three climbing people as well as a penguin were taken to the police station and treated for recognition. By now they are free again.”

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  1. eco theorist

    References to terrorism are allways fucked up on an eco blog when

    1.they make reference to theorists attacks in the global north(last year christmas attack) and ignore a thousand fold disproportionate every day incidence of terrorism in the global south.

    2.Constant echochamber effect of repeating the worst propaganda name calling without turning the attention on culprits such as RWE who are directly responsible for global climate instability and countless deaths,


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