Wanted: Material for power supply in the Hambi!

It has become dark and cold in the forest. The winter is noticeable already and people arm themselves with thick jackets and long campfire evenings against the first snow. And even against the dark, something can and should be done. Because there is currently no electricity in the forest and meadow. A group of enthousiastic diy people have already found themselves ready to take up the fight with technology, but their inventiveness is also limited, because there are still some crucial things missing.

Now you come into play and if you find the following things still in your, or other cellars and garages you can make sure that soon happy activists walk through the forest with loaded cell phones.

Here we have put together a small list of needed things:

  • car batteries
  • material for photovoltaic systems
  • charge controllers
  • inverters
  • electric tools, cables … just be creative!

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Thanks for your support!

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