Cable fire at the opencast mine

We found this article at indymedia:

On 12/24/2017 we set the cables on fire that supply the Hambach open-pit mine with electricity. So at least some of the huge machines were halted there. The cables were in this case at the viewpoint on the open pit (near Terra Nova).

The Hambach mine is a hole that is larger than Cologne, in which is dug for lignite (brown coal). The burning of this coal emits an incredible amount of CO₂ (as well as other things, such as arsenic, mercury, …), thus fueling climate change. Climate change has catastrophic consequences, such as droughts, floods and storms, causing many people to die or be deprived of their livelihoods.
In addition, for this open pit many people have to move out of their villages, as they have to give way to the opencast mining and the Hambacher Forst, an ancient, beautiful forest is being cut down.

Stop Coal now!

To RWE: Merry Crisis and a happy new fear!

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